Sunday 20 June 2021
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Top Tips for Planning a Wedding on a Budget

Almost every day, it seems that we hear about yet another celebrity couple who have ‘tied the knot,’ the cost of which is usually rumoured to reside in the six figures. We read about how much was spent on the dress and all the extra extravagances that we ‘mere mortals’ could only dream of having at our wedding. If you’re in the process of planning your own wedding, such stories of celebrity extravagance can leave you feeling a little intimidated. So the question is, do you really need to ‘splash the cash’ in order to have the special day you’ve always dreamed of having? The answer is, absolutely not! And we’ve compiled this handy list of useful budgeting tips to prove it!


Utilise the Talents of Friends and Family

The most-memorable weddings tend to be the ones that are the most personal. In this day of mass digital communication, it’s easier than ever before to employ the help of friends and families for all those wedding extras. If you have a creative friend with a flair for art, why not ask them to help design the wedding invites? And that friend that always serves the best desserts at her dinner parties would be a great choice for making your wedding cake. Remember, these are the people that know you better than anyone else. So, they’ll be able to add those all-important personal touches that will make your wedding day entirely unique.


Shop Savvy

Now, every woman wants their wedding dress to be perfect. And it’s easy to get carried away in this consumer-driven culture and think you have to spend a fortune to get the dress of your dreams. This simply isn’t the case. Vintage fashion is very much ‘in Vogue’ at the moment, and this trend doesn’t exclude wedding dresses. The great thing about shopping vintage is that you can find something entirely unique at a fraction of the cost of what you’d be paying in the big-name stores.

Family Heirlooms

One of the biggest expenses of any wedding are the wedding rings. Platinum and diamonds don’t tend to come cheap. It’s always worth asking close family members if you can raid their jewellery boxes. You might just get lucky and find a sparkler that has real personal significance. And it will end up meaning more to you than any shop-bought ring ever could.



The most-important thing to remember when planning a wedding is to prioritise and try not to lose your head over the minor details. Ask yourself what’s most important, and you’ll soon realise it isn’t the party favours, or how many bottles of champagne there are. Once you begin to recognise what’s actually important about your special day, you’ll find the planning process becomes much easier.

When you’re looking back at your wedding day in years to come, how much you spent on the day will be immaterial. As long as what you share with your partner is the ‘real thing’ how much you spend on your wedding day is all that matters.