Sunday 20 June 2021
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The Quickest Way to Burn Fat: for Men

Although men can sometimes find it easier to lose weight than women, they are also prone to holding it in the gut area – the dreaded ‘beer’ belly! Women’s bodies hold on to fat much more readily than men, so men can lose it fairly quickly by taking the proper steps. Here’s the quickest way men can burn fat:


HIIT stands for high intensity interval training. This kind of training is much more effective than regular steady state cardio, as the body is shocked into burning fat at a much faster rate. You may burn a lot of calories during a long steady state cardio session, but you can easily overtrain and your body can eat away at your muscles. If this happens and you lose muscle mass, your body won’t like to burn fat as quickly. To get started with HIIT, do a 5-10 minute warm up and then sprint as fast as you can for 30 seconds. You can then spend 30 seconds – a minute slow jogging, or even not doing anything before you sprint again. Do this around 10 times. It’s much more fun than regular cardio too!


 Photo Credit: Flickr

Weight Lifting

Weight lifting builds muscle, which helps to burn fat quicker. However, weight lifting alone won’t get rid of that extra timber. In fact, it could make you look much bigger than you want to under layers of fat. Either shed fat and build muscle at the same time by doing both lifting and HIIT, or lose your fat first before lifting weights.

A Calorie Controlled Diet

Pay attention to the amount of calories you’re eating. You may be eating way more than you realise. Learn about proper nutrition, and what you should be eating to support your training regime. It isn’t all about calories; it’s about the ingredients in the food we’re eating too. By eating as clean as possible 80% of the time, you can allow yourself a treat 20% of the time. Make sure you don’t tip the balance for the best results. As well as eating clean food, you can try supplements in conjunction with this. See what works for you – you might even find the best fat burner supplement for men!

Limited Carbs

If you’re exercising regularly and intensely, you need carbs. You should never cut out carbs all together, as this would be detrimental to your training and health. However, you can carb cycle; which is where you eat more carbs on heavier training days, and less on lighter training days. Eating too many carbs causes the body to store them, and this leads to excess fat. Remember that fruit is a carb too, and you should only have 2 pieces per day because of the sugar.

Plenty of Water

Are you drinking enough water? If not, your weight loss could slow right down. Drink 2 litres per day, or more if you’re exercising. Also drink green tea and black coffee, but avoid drinks that contain extra sugar, cream, and other ingredients. You should avoid drinking your calories at all costs!

Now you know the quickest way to burn fat, you can go out there and get your dream body!