Tuesday 11 May 2021
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Simple Tips for Ensuring Your Long Distance Relationship Lasts


Even before the beginning of the 21st century, relationships were often complicated enough – but with the introduction of easy travel, the high possibility of work relocations, and everyone’s desire to see the world; things have got even more difficult. So what do you do when your relationship goes long distance? Read on for some smart and easy tips to guarantee your love will survive.


Number one is of course communication. Now, it’s always going to be an integral part of any relationship but when it’s in relation to a long distance coupling, it’s downright imperative that both of you put in the effort required. Because you won’t get the opportunity to see each other in person every day you’re going to have to work doubly hard on calling, emailing, Skyping, texting, writing letters, and basically going as far as sending smoke signals and messenger birds. As soon as you stop communicating effectively your relationship will slowly start to end. The good news though; at least the 21st century has given you excess ways to communicate.


The next factor is probably the one your friends quiz you about the most; don’t you miss the intimate affection? Being located so far away from your partner that you physically can’t touch them isn’t easy. But that does NOT mean you should abandon all hope, instead it’s time to get creative. There are still a number of ways that you can keep your spark alive until you meet again. Webcams, outfits, and love letters are but a few of many very effective ideas. If you’re in the need of some assistance however Naughty But Nice can certainly help you out.


This point will be the hardest for some to achieve, especially if your relationship is still in its beginning stages, but trusting your significant other is an undeniable fact of being in a long distance partnership. It’s hard enough not seeing your partner, so to constantly be quizzing them about their whereabouts and activities, and not believing them will only lead to disaster. Long distance relationships can only work if both people truly believe in each other – otherwise they’ll fall apart.


Despite living in different cities – and potentially states, countries, time zones, and hemispheres – it’s important within a relationship to create a certain routine. The positive reasoning behind having this routine is an attempt to make your relationship as normal as possible. Emailing every Monday, texting every night before bed, hell you can even have a Sunday Roast together over Skype these days. Little things like this will make your relationship feel that little bit more real – which can be struggle.

Relationships are always tricky situations, but when you have to factor in distance and time – they become a downright mine field. But long distance doesn’t mean impossible – hopefully the above four steps will help you ensure your long distance relationship continues happily ever after (or at least until you live in the same city again).