Tuesday 11 May 2021
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Relationship Advice: The Best Places To Turn To When You Need Help

The worst thing about relationships is when they start to turn sour. As the sex and steaminess of the first year or so die away, you find yourself in a tricky situation. You could not love each other more, but you are starting to get too used to your partner. There is no pop, no sparkle anymore, and it can become an issue. But, when you need advice, you get the same old clichés that have been circulating the relationship scene for years. ‘Yes, I know relationships are hard work. Do you have any better advice by any chance?!’

Luckily, there are sources out there that are determined to break the status quo and get to the root of the issue.




Magazines like Cosmopolitan have been around for years offering advice. To men, they are another marketing ploy to get them to spend more money, like Valentine’s Day. But, to the weekly reader, they are much more. Cosmopolitan is a magazine that is dedicated to helping like-minded people who are going through the same experience. The articles are creative and speak to women, and also tackle direct situations. Sometimes, specific advice is exactly what we need to get ourselves through a sticky situation.

Blogs & Websites

If you prefer to cultivate your news digitally, there are plenty of brilliant relationship blogs and websites. One of the most popular for women at the moment is Girls, just take a look at the about page and you will instantly fall in love. Vixen Daily are dedicated to ridding the relationship industry of the same old stories and advice that is not a bit of help to anyone. They are dedicated to offering a unique experience and a totally different outlook on relationships. And, a difference of perspective can be a big step in the right direction for a lot of couples.


Let’s start out by saying there is nothing wrong with seeing a therapist. The very fact that I have to type that tells you how much stigma there is attached to couple’s counselling. In fact, there is a stigma attached to seeing any therapist, like it is a sign of a weak mind or a weak relationship. Well, in a sense, that is exactly what it is a sign of. You need help because you realise your relationship could be better and there are weak spots. There is a lack of excitement, a lack of sex or just a general lack of consideration for each other.

A therapist will work with you to help you better understand your issues. Once you understand them, you can then start to make the repairs. Plus, you are bound to find answers to your questions because an experienced counsellor will have seen it all before. Their experience can be critical to your relatively infant relationship.

Friends & Family

Okay, they might not be professionals, but your friends and family will have experience, too. It is amazing how many people go through the same thing and come out the other side. Unless you ask, however, you will never know. Plus, with friends and family you will always feel safe to confide every detail.

Seeking help is incredibly important when relationships start to falter. Without help, you may never recover.