Tuesday 11 May 2021
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Reasons Why It’s Great Living in the UK

For such a small collection of islands, the UK sure does have a lot to offer. There’s the idyllic English countryside, and rustic pubs that serve traditional British ale. Not to mention a cultural heritage that spans back through thousands of years. The weather there isn’t always up to much, but this doesn’t alter the country’s mass appeal. But if you’re someone who’s still not convinced by Britain’s numerous charms, we can guarantee that by the end of this article, you’ll be converted.

The Royal Family

The British Royal Family are arguably the envy of the world over. They alone attract millions of tourists to Britain each and every year. The world recently celebrated the birth of Prince George. Now, with the even more recent announcement of a second royal baby on the way, there has been no better time to visit the United Kingdom. So, a visit to Blighty simply would not be complete without seeing Buckingham Palace.

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Castles Galore!

The other great thing about the UK is that a large proportion of the landscape is dominated by medieval castles. There aren’t many countries that can boast that kind of history. Wales especially is full of them, with approximately 400 scattered across the country! Some are in better condition than others, whilst some are little more than ruins. However, it doesn’t take much of an imagination to visualize all the battles that have taken place in Wales throughout the centuries.

Edinburgh International Festival

Another great thing about living in the UK, is that it’s home to the world’s biggest international art festival. This year’s event attracted more than three million visitors to the historical city of Edinburgh. As well as being Scotland’s capital, it’s also a great place for lovers of film, comedy and literature alike. You’ll get to watch shows featuring some of the UK’s hottest creative talent. Then there’s all the spectacular sights of Edinburgh to take in at the same time.

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Stunning Architecture

The UK is full of architecture from many different time periods, including Georgian, Victorian and Elizabethan. Wander around the historic market towns, and you’ll see an eclectic mix of both houses and architecture. By scrutinizing the details about estate agents in Bournemouth, you’ll soon discover that there are properties to cater for all walks of life.

The Weather

Now this is usually cited as being a disadvantage of living in the United Kingdom. It’s true that they may not always get blazing hot summers. But they’re lucky enough to experience extreme weather phenomena, such as hurricanes or tornadoes only on rare occasions. Such things are, unfortunately, all-too-common occurrences in many parts of the USA. So, whilst the Brits may moan about cold weather and wet summers, they should in reality count themselves lucky.

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This is just a tiny selection of what Britain has to offer. It’s a beautiful country; that also boasts a unique heritage as well as fascinating people. Are you still wondering where you should go for your next holiday? Well, book yourself on the next flight to Blighty, and we promise that you will not be disappointed.