Sunday 20 June 2021
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Ireland: Where to Go and What to Do

If you want to visit Ireland, you’ve probably heard about what a fantastic place it is. Although some areas can be quite touristy, they are still worth a visit. However, you should feel free to explore the path less trodden and go places in Ireland that hardly anybody goes. This way, you’ll get a real taste of what this place is like. Read on to find out where to go and what to do here:


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Dublin has a big personality to say the least. While you may be forgiven for thinking that it’ll be full of traditional things to see and do, it’s also very modern and geared towards the tourist. You could visit Dublin Zoo, learn all about Guinness at the Guinness Factory, or enjoy the street performers as you browse the city. When you’ve had enough excitement for one day, you can find plenty of Venere hotels to get some rest.

Boyne Valley

Boyne Valley is without question the place to go when you want to see some great sites. Plenty of UNESCO world heritage sites are located here, but you can also treat yourself to a spot of shopping or a massage at a spa.


If you want to escape your daily life for a little while, Clare is the perfect place to do it. Here, you can shop at some traditional markets, explore the Irish countryside, and sample some delicious culinary delights.


A great place to go for the entire family, Cork is diverse enough to entertain everybody. One day you could be exploring a traditional market, the next you could be enjoying an exciting adventure activity.


With 10 high peaks and a beautiful national park, you can’t get much more beautiful than Kerry. It’s the only place to go for avid hikers and climbers, but it also has an array of welcoming, traditional pubs.

Galway City

When you step foot in Galway City, you’ll think you’ve been transported back through time. The cobblestone streets and buildings look amazing, but that isn’t all. You’ll love the shopping opportunities, and for the foodies out there, the dishes cooked here are unbeatable. The atmosphere is incredible too – check out the nightlife!


The best place in Ireland for a nice, long walk is without doubt Kilkenny. You can take a relaxing stroll, taking in the views as you do so. Don’t forget to stop for a drink at one of the traditional cafes along the way, or a pub if you fancy something a little stronger.


Donegal is gorgeous – it’ll take your breath away! With white sandy beaches on the coastline, you’ll have plenty of amazing places to relax. I recommend trying some of the pub food in one of the little taverns on your stay too. You’ll love the cosy atmosphere and hearty dishes!

Now you know where to go and what to do in Ireland, you can really appreciate what it’s all about. Thanks for reading, and have fun!