Tuesday 11 May 2021
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Have A Ball: How To Prepare For The Prom Night Together

5801805129_0d239f6180_zSinead Friel

Prom night is one of the most-romantic nights of the year. If you are going to the prom with a special someone, you want to make sure that the night is as wonderful as possible. Going to prom with someone special means that the entire night needs to be a memorable event. Planning the perfect night is never easy, but it will be worthwhile. Make sure that you give yourself enough time in advance to start planning. Here is how to prepare for the perfect prom night together.

Coordinate outfits

You don’t have to turn up to the prom in matching outfits. In fact, doing so would look rather silly. It is important that you talk about what you’re going to wear, though, as you need to make sure that you don’t clash. Boys tend to play it safe and wear black suits, but what if your date goes wild with his outfit? Talking things over will ensure that you’re both on the same page when it comes to prom outfits. You can even coordinate outfit details. For example, if you are wearing a violet dress, have your date wear a matching tie. These small details will make the event more magical.

Style your hair

One thing that every girl worries about before her prom is her hair. Having the perfect prom hairstyle is essential to you enjoying the event. Many girls opt for a simple hairstyle. They wear their hair down and maybe add a few curls for effect. Look into a range of original styles that will suit your dress. Make sure that you know what style you’re aiming for before you decide on your hairstyle. You could go for an elegant up-do hairstyle that will look amazing with a classic style dress. If your dress is more-modern, though, you might want to choose a contemporary hairstyle to match.

Arrive in style

Everybody books limos for their prom. That means that booking a limo has become the norm. To stand-out from the crowd, you need to do something a little different. Why not consider booking a vintage car for the big day? South Coast Vintage offer a range of cars to suit events, and you can hire out a vehicle with a driver. Make sure you don’t tell anybody what your transport plans are for the prom. People are likely to try and copy your idea. Also, you want to surprise people with your big entrance.

Brush up on your dancing skills

If you’re not too good on the dance floor, it’s time to get some skills. You and your date should practice together before the prom. If you have some time to brush up on your dance skill, you will look amazing at the prom. You can watch video tutorials online to learn some simple moves, or even go to a professional dance class. Remember not to take things too seriously, though; the prom should be a fun and exciting event.

Plan a post-prom party

When the prom is over, the party shouldn’t stop. Everybody will want to carry on dancing and socializing when the prom ends. Why not plan a post-prom party for you and your friends? You can have everybody head over to your place for a party. Make sure you check with your family before arranging a party. You will need to make sure that your family don’t mind you having people over before you invite anyone. All you need to provide for a post-prom party is some music, snacks and a few decorations. Make sure that you ask everybody you know so that nobody feels left out.