Tuesday 11 May 2021
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Bored of Football and Baseball? Try These Unusual Sports

It’s great having a sport that you can call your own. For some people that’s football, soccer, ¬†basketball or baseball. All of these are very popular and well-known sports that you can play just about anywhere. But some people don’t enjoy any of the common sports. For some, they have to seek out something a little more unusual to get their kicks. If you’re bored by all the usual sports, try finding somewhere you can play the games below. They’re all team sports, so you can play with like-minded people with similar interests.

5610812509_cfa8cabf17_zChris Gilmore


This game from J.K. Rowling’s successful Harry Potter series of books and films is now a real life game. Of course, the players can’t fly around on broomsticks after a golden snitch. They do use broomsticks, even if they can’t ride them through the air. The game is set up like it is in the books, with hoops at each end of a hockey-rink sized pitch and a “quaffle”, made from a slightly deflated volleyball. Several colleges have Quidditch teams and the International Quidditch Association governs the rules of the sport. But how do they do the snitch? They use a tennis ball attached to a person dressed in yellow, or course. Quidditch is a niche sport, but growing increasingly popular, so see if you can find a team near you.

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee, or just Ultimate, is a field sport played with frisbee where points are scored by passing the frisbee to a teammate in the opposing end zone. Ultimate originated in the late 1960s and has never used referees to keep the rules during games. Instead, the game relies on the sportsmanship of the players to keep their behavior in check and call their own fouls. Usually, there are seven people on each team, although it can be more or fewer. Most leagues are mixed-gender, and so are some competitions. Although not a sport that everyone has heard of, it is popular. If you join an Ultimate team, use sports insurance such as Sports Cover direct insurance to cover you in the event of injury.


Kabaddi is extremely popular in India and surrounding areas, but not so much outside of Asia. It is however gaining traction in other countries. Kabaddi is a contact sport and the national game of Bangladesh, as well as Nepal. Two teams of seven stand on opposite sides of the playing field and each takes turn sending someone into the other side. This person, known as a “raider”, must hold their breath, run towards the opposing team and tag one of them, then run back home before taking another breath. The person they tagged must try to catch them, or they are out. The raider is out if they take a breath before returning home or if they fail to tag someone.

If these sports don’t sound like they’re for you, there are many more to try. Perhaps you’ll like canoe polo, underwater hockey or chess boxing.