Sunday 20 June 2021
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Awesome Ideas for Unique Accessories to Give as Gifts

Buying a gift for someone can be an ordeal. Whether it’s a friend, family member or someone you don’t know very well, you worry about getting the wrong thing and your gift not being received well. Another worry is that you can’t buy them something they don’t already have, or that someone else might think to buy for them at the same time. In order to avoid this embarrassing situation, it’s best to pick a gift that’s unique and perhaps a bit unusual. That way you can be almost certain that no one else will be giving the same present as you. Accessories always go down well, as they’re something that people can wear and show off. People will see your gift and compliment it, making both you and the receiver of your gift feel happy.

A Handmade Watch

Handmade items are always big successes as unique gifts. You know that time, effort and passion has gone into the making of your accessory. It makes the gift even more special, because it’s not something that has been mass-produced by machines. Handmade watches are uncommon, and you certainly won’t find everyone else giving one as a gift. See handmade watches by Shinola as an example of the beautiful craftsmanship of a handmade watch. The person who receives your gift will truly appreciate the thought that has gone into their present.

Handmade Jewelry

Another big hit as an unusual gift is handmade jewelry for both men and women. Jewelry makers create handmade items in all sorts of interesting designs. If the person you are giving your gift to has a particular interest, you’re almost certain to find a piece of handmade jewelry that reflects it, from yoga to gardening. This is a great idea to show someone how well you know them. Give them a unique gift that focuses on who they are and the things they are passionate about. When you give a piece of handmade jewelry, you know that it is part of a limited run and may even be the only piece like it in existence.

Hair Accessories

A lot of people may not think of giving hair accessories as gifts. But there are some amazing and unusual pieces out there that would make great presents. If the person your gift is for is a little on the quirky side, they might enjoy a fascinator. Women often wear them at weddings or perhaps sometimes seen on dancers. These elaborate hair accessories make for something a little different.


Sunglasses are another accessory perhaps not given as a gift all that often – which is why they make a unique gift. You can get some with beautifully hand-painted frames that any accessory lover would go gaga over. So if your gift-receiver spends a lot of time in the sun, a unique pair of sunglasses might just be the perfect gift.


Steven Depolo

Don’t stress yourself out too much trying to find the perfect present. It’s nice to make someone happy with something that suits them. But remember that they’ll appreciate the thought as much as the present.