Sunday 20 June 2021
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Anniversary Gifts and their Meanings

Celebrating a wedding anniversary is a big achievement. If someone is celebrating important milestones in their marriage, it’s time to present gifts. After all, marriage should be celebrated. Anniversaries are no different. Anniversary gifts are steeped in tradition. But, you don’t have to bestow the same lacklustre gifts every year. You can get perfect gifts that are a little different, but still tie in with a traditional theme.

Here are the top picks of anniversary gifts and their meaning.

8118633087_14c80cfa63_zImage: Dennis Skley

1st Anniversary

So, a special couple have made it to their first anniversary. What a magnificent achievement. Traditionally, paper is given to those on their first anniversary. But, you don’t have to give people stationery or a notepad. Tickets to a concert would be a brilliant gift to give. In fact, a gift certificate of any kind would be perfect. Make sure that its paper and they will have a great time.

5th Anniversary

For a 5th wedding anniversary gift, you could give the gift of wooden housewares. Traditionally, wood is given to celebrate this milestone. So, with this in mind, you could choose from personalised wooden chopping boards. You can offer ornamental homewares. You could even give tea light holders, and wooden plaques made of wood. Wood is very versatile. So, you don’t need to worry about giving the wrong gift. You can bestow anything to the happy couple on this occasion. Just make sure that it is made from wood. With so much choice, such as oak or walnut, you can give an everlasting gift.

10th Anniversary

If your special couple has reached the decade mark, this is the perfect time to give an anniversary gift. After all, ten years is a long time to be married by today’s standard. Tin or aluminium is the traditional gift to give. Think outside of the box. Aluminium may not be the easiest gift to bestow. There is a wide range of garden ornaments made from this metal. With this in mind, you can give the gift of a beautiful watering can or other features for their garden.

25th Anniversary

The silver wedding anniversary is one to be enjoyed. If you are keen on celebrating this terrific achievement, silver is the obvious gift to give. You can give matching jewellery or watches. You can also give silver plates that are engraved with the couple’s personal details. This is a great gift to give. Many people will be keen to celebrate their silver wedding anniversary in style.

50th Anniversary

The golden anniversary is a special time. After all, 50 years of marriage is not something to be taken lightly. It’s a tremendous achievement. As such, you will want to give an unusual gift. You should aim to give something special to celebrate this amazing landmark. A leather-bound book documenting the couples bets years is a great gift to give. You can have it embossed with gold lettering. After all, gold jewellery is not cheap. But, you can incorporate gold into any gift that you give to the obviously happy couple.