Tuesday 11 May 2021
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7 Simple Ways to Escape the Holiday ‘Blues’

holiday-bluesIt’s December, which means the annual tradition of celebrating life with family and friends is upon us. For many, it’s the happiest time of year; a time where memories are built, stories are shared, vibrant lights illuminate the sky and the warmth of togetherness and traditions come as one.

But for others, the season of joy presents a much different perspective; a time when the realities of life surface and anxieties ensue, demanding work deadlines near, gifts are to be bought, travel arrangements are to be made, roads are jammed, décor has yet to be decorated, cooking is yet to be cooked, cleaning has yet to be cleaned and planning has yet to be planned—December might not be as warm and fuzzy as it’s made out to be.

Yet, besides all the tribulations and frustrations that come with the holiday season, it’s the most special time of year for reason. And for those who continue to struggle to stay happy and healthy during the holidays, here are 7 things you can do to help you enjoy the magical month December:

Eat well

It’s hard to say no to those delicious holiday treats, which is why many people struggle to keep their buttons from flying away the next morning. Instead of focusing on food, emphasize your attention to socialize with the family, play with the little ones or help Mom with cooking.

De-stress with Home Entertainment

It’s common to feel overwhelmed by the holidays, so gather family and friends around the living room and unwind with a classic Christmas movie or holiday flick. If your family is like most than settling on a program isn’t always the easiest; Direct TV Entertainment Package solves this issue by offering hundreds of diverse channels to satisfy the stringiest of television connoisseurs.

Stay Busy

Nothing alleviates the mind better than spending a little quality time with Mother Nature. Lace up your running, hop on your bike or pump up the basketball. A little fresh air will do you wonders in terms of feeling good and able to tackle on the stress which comes with the holidays.

Treat Yourself

Spoil yourself with a steam bath, or visit your local spa to unwind and focus on detoxing all your negative thoughts and feelings

Get Involved with the Community

It’s always better to give than to receive; if you’re feeling down, one of the best remedies is to put on a smile for someone less fortunate. You could use shoeboxes as gift-wrap and give underprivileged children new clothing or school equipment.

Unwind into with a great story

It’s not always easy, but when you find a book that affects you on a profoundly personal level, it will not only change your holiday mood, but also change your life. A book is a powerful asset that is always available at your disposal, so use it.

People watch

One of the more fascinating, yet introspective things you could do to uncoil negative thoughts is to simply watch the world around you. Pick a public, but also passive location and unassumingly observe ordinary people do ordinary things. It may sound trivial, but if you’ve yet to truly experience people watching, it can entice a completely different meaning into your life.