Tuesday 11 May 2021
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4 Types Of Accommodation To Consider When Exploring Outback Australia

When travelling through the Australian outback and other rural areas, the ability to find accommodation on short notice can be all but impossible. The best thing you can do is to plan ahead as you move across the country – or take your own accommodation with you! Here are four of the kinds of accommodation you should be considering when exploring outback Australia.

1. Functional Long-stayers

Functional long-stay rooms, similar to those you’ll find in accommodation facilities such as Kings Park Accommodation in Chinchilla, are a great option if you plan to stay in one area for an extended period of time. Taking one of these rooms for an extended stay means you can strike out in a new direction each day, discovering new places and people, before returning in the evening to a familiar room and bed. Perfect for those with a specific destination in mind or who want to take their time exploring the region.

2. Caravan/Camper

For those who want to keep on the road, a caravan or camper van might still be the best option. The outback is made up of long highways that seldom pass through any populated areas, especially once you enter the Australian desert. Having a fully stocked caravan or camper van means you can simply pull over whenever you require rest. It also means you can easily pull into one of the many caravan parks that dot the nation when passing through more populous areas.

3. Homesteads

In rural areas, particularly when passing through wine country on the way into the outback, homesteads present a great option for a comfortable stay. Homesteads are usually large homes that have been renovated to house multiple travellers overnight and often have a number of things to do on the property if you don’t plan to head off right away. They’re also fantastic for finding out more about the history of the region, and the proprietors are always well versed in the often rich and varied history of the homestead itself.

4. B&Bs

Bed-and-breakfasts have become a very popular sector in the hospitality and accommodation industry, thanks to the rise of room sharing apps like AirB&B. This means that they’re now easier to find than ever before, even in the rural or remote areas you’ll be travelling to. B&Bs are often refurbished homes that offer comfort and five-star service, even in the middle of the unforgiving Australian country. Phone reception likely won’t be great where you’re headed so make sure you plan ahead and book in advance.

These are just four accommodation options open to those who are keen on exploring the great Australian outback. Where are your favourite places to stay in the outback? Do you prefer to eschew accommodation altogether and just camp your way across the big red? Help your fellow travellers out in the comments below!