Tuesday 11 May 2021
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12 Weird & Wonderful Ways To Forge A Career In The Motor Industry


As you might already be aware, the automotive industry is worth billions! It is one of the biggest industries that you could ever work in, and the great thing is that you will never have any trouble finding a job within it.

Regardless of whether you have just left school, or are perhaps fed up of working in your existing industry, if you want to forge a career within the automotive industry, there are all sorts of things you can do.

If you are stuck for ideas on what to do in the automotive industry, here are 12 weird and wonderful jobs that you could consider!

1. Mechanic

Everybody needs to have their cars maintained, and mechanics will never have any issues finding a job for this vocation. People normally become mechanics by joining an apprenticeship scheme.

2. Engine Builder

Mechanics can sometimes opt to specialise in engine building. This unique job gives people the responsibility of stripping engines down to their individual components and rebuilding them again with new ones.

3. Body Shop Sprayer

If you thought you would be selling scented soaps and grooming products, forget about it! Working as a sprayer in a body shop, you get to perform all sorts of spray jobs, whether they are standard resprays or custom flip jobs.

4. Welder

The great thing about becoming a welder is that you can use your skills to weld metal on metal for all manner of purposes, not just for repairing cars!

5. Valeter

Are you a clean freak? If so, a lucrative career could be forged as a valeter (or “detailer”). In a nutshell, people pay you to clean their cars.

6. Upholsterer

Have you ever seen those TV programmes where customers pay to have their cars modified? One part of that process is to re-trim seats and car interiors. An upholsterer is responsible for making the magic happen!

7. Parts Specialist

When a mechanic needs to obtain parts for their car, their first port of all is usually the parts department. As a parts specialist, it is your job to identify and locate the right parts for colleagues and other customers.

8. Customer Service Adviser

If you’d rather not get your hands covered in oil on a daily basis, a more office-oriented job might be up your street! Customer service advisers ensure that communications between different departments and customers run smoothly.

9. Car Salesperson

Do you have the ability to sell refrigerators to Eskimos? If so, you should consider becoming a car salesperson! If you get a job working at an awesome dealership such as RRG Group, you will have a job for life!

10. Racing Commentator

Are you a fan of Formula One? If you have a great voice, and you are a die-hard motorsport fan, forging a career as a racing commentator could be right up your street.

11. Fleet Manager

Many firms operate a fleet of cars for their employees. As a fleet manager, it is your responsibility to ensure that every aspect of your firm’s fleet is taken care of efficiently and professionally.

12. Tyre Service Operative

Some people prefer to “work on the shop floor” and enjoy witty banter with their colleagues. If that sounds like you, and you are a tyre guru, this job is for you.

Photo obtained from Flickr by aresauburn