Sunday 20 June 2021
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12 Ways To Wow Your Wedding Guests

It seems YouTube is full of wild wedding videos featuring bizarre and shocking first dances and crazy speeches. If you want to wow your guests, it will be pretty tough to compete with all that has gone before. You too can bring that something extra to your proceedings that will make the day extra memorable, by trying out one of these ideas:

  1. Choose an overseas venue – If you book an exotic resort for your wedding, you’re sure to impress. And your wedding guests will love the chance to have a vacation! Getting married in Vietnam or the Bahamas gives you the chance to have a luxury wedding in incredible surroundings.
  2. Personalize your place settings – Add some personal touches to place settings and proceedings. It will delight your guests to be so formally included in your day.
  3. String Quartet – Having live musicians perform at your wedding is so much better than using recordings. Classical instrumentalists can bring a touch of sophistication to the event.
  4. Hire a videographer – Most couples have a professional photographer. Still photos record the events of the day. Video footage is usually done by the guests on their cellphones. Hire a professional camera operator to create your wedding video. You can then capture everybody looking their best.
  5. Professional makeup artist – The bride wants to be the most beautiful girl in the room. Let this day be the one where you go all out. We all get our hair done professionally, so why not the makeup?
  6. Post notice in a national newspaper – What better way to announce you’ll be marrying? A quarter-page notice in your favorite newspaper will let the whole world know you’re about to tie the knot.
  7. Horse-drawn carriage – These have become incredibly hard to hire recently. Make the most romantic entrance ever by pulling up to your wedding in a beautiful princess style carriage.4Thanks to for this image
  8. Light show – Hire a lighting events crew to light up your venue with an after-dark show. See your names and a host of characters and delights choreographed in lights.
  9. Release Doves – This golden oldie always leaves people with their jaws on the floor. It is a stunning sight to see so many birds race to the skies.
  10. Fireworks – If you are marrying after dark, have a fireworks display at the moment of your first kiss as a married couple. What could be more dramatic and romantic?
  11. Period outfits – Dressing the entire wedding party in period attire will look stunning on your photos. High-quality clothing from the eighteen hundreds is a particular favorite.
  12. Design your own dress – Commission a designer to create your ultimate dream wedding dress. You’ll be sure to stun the guests and wow your husband to be.

Some of these may be a little tricky to organize and may take up a fair amount of your wedding budget! Wowing your guests will make it all worthwhile. After all, you want your wedding to be the hot topic for months to come. Make it memorable for everyone by trying something different. Surprise them and delight them with what you do and what they see. Enjoy your special day.