Tuesday 11 May 2021
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12 Ways To Wear White After Labor Day


Fashion rules were made to be broken, so it’s no surprise that stylish women (and men) the world over are beginning to ignore the old ‘no white after Labor Day’ restriction and breaking out their favorite white garments long after summer has ended. This year, match your look with the snow on the ground and experiment with this versatile shade all year round.


  1. Brighten your jeans. Fun pastels and light shades are perfect for summer denim, but there’s no reason you can’t stay warm and comfortable in a pair of white skinny jeans in the winter. Wear your pair of perfectly white jeans with a thick sweater and winter boots for a chic winter ensemble.
  2. Embrace the LWD. Bust out of the traditional little black dress trap and wear a little white dress to the holiday parties this year. Accessorize well for a festive and unexpected look.
  3. Wear a white blazer. A crisp and tailored white blazer can be worn to work or over jeans- find a loose boyfriend style if you want a more casual feel.
  4. Warm up in white cashmere. A cashmere sweater is the best wardrobe investment you’ll ever make- they last for years, look beautiful with any outfit and, most importantly, will keep you toasty and warm through the winter months. White cashmere is perfect for the holiday season- just make sure you take good care of it to keep it stain-free and spotless.
  5. Bring back your sundress. Think your pretty white sundress has to sit in your closet all winter long? Think again. Any summer dress can be resurrected and worn in cold weather. Simply layer up with knits, cardigans and opaque tights to make the most of your summer wardrobe.
  6. Mix black and white. The mixture of black and white in one outfit never goes out of style, so experiment with the two shades for an eye-catching combination.
  7. Get the shade right. Not every woman looks stunning in every shade of white- and believes us, there are plenty of different shades out there. Try different shades on to find the look that flatters your skin and hair color, and work with beige, cream and pale pinks if a stark white leaves you looking a little washed out.
  8. Invest in a classic white coat. If you want to keep your outfits darker in the colder months but still play with white after Labor Day then why not bring the paler shade to your outerwear? A white peacoat looks especially striking with black pants or tights- although we probably wouldn’t recommend this style to moms with messy toddlers unless you’re up for spending a lot of time at the dry cleaners.
  9. Don’t ditch the white t-shirt. A plain but great fitting white t-shirt is an absolute wardrobe essential. Wear it in fall and winter with an edgy leather jacket or dressed up with a chic blazer for work.
  10. Keep the heels nude. If you’re looking to mix up your shoe selection but don’t want to go all out with white heels, then get close to the palest shade with a pair of nude or cream pumps. These heels will elongate your legs and add a touch of class to any outfit.
  11. Accessorize with white. For those not quite brave enough to dare an all-white look after Labor Day, accessories are a great alternative. A structured white handbag looks good at any time of the year, and white scarves and gloves will keep out the winter chill.
  12. Wear a fitted white skirt. Mix up your usual office style by swapping your black pencil skirt for a sleek white skirt.