Sunday 20 June 2021
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12 Ways To Save Money Without Making Any Sacrifice



If you asked 100 people what their biggest issue is right now then a large percentage would answer ‘money’.

It’s a lot easier to spend than earn, but there are ways of making you money last longer without losing out. Here are some great tips to boost your bank balance over the coming months.

Lower Your Phone Tariff

Most people now have a monthly phone contract but the majority of us are paying way more than we need to. What’s the point in getting 2,000 minutes if you only ever use 400?

Change your contract to one that suits your requirements.

Cut Medical Costs

Health costs are an inevitability that simply cannot be avoided. However, with a prescription discount card you will see bills slashed to a far more affordable price.

A healthier bank balance and a healthier body. Can’t say fairer than that.

Use Comparison Websites

There’s a whole world of information available at our fingertips thanks to the internet and it would be foolish not to utilise them when making any financial purchase.

A quick search could save you money on your products, holidays, and services. Those small savings will soon add up.

Carpool To Work

It sounds silly, but sharing the journey to work with a colleague can really cut petrol costs. If you take it in turns then it also saves 50% of the stress caused from sitting in rush hour traffic.

Besides, everyone loves a little sing-a-long with their friends.

Turn Electronics Off Overnight

How many of you leave your TV, internet, and other electronic devices on standby overnight? If this is you then you are throwing away money.

Turn them off at the mains every night and you’ll soon notice a difference in energy consumption.

Upcycle Clothes

Reinventing clothes to create a new design is nothing new but it is a concept that’s gained a huge popularity boom and it isn’t hard to see why. Upcycling offers a fantastic way to showcase your personality in a unique style without breaking the bank.

Just make sure to avoid these fashion blunders.

Buy A Boiler Jacket

If you’re heating is powered by a water tank then a cheap jacket could save you a lot of money. Sometimes you have to spend to save, and this is one of those cases.

On average, the first year of usage will produce enough savings to cover the cost of your investment twice. Why wouldn’t you take advantage?

Cut Insurance Bills

Insurance is an expense of life that we pay begrudgingly. However, we don’t always require all of them.

Why pay for gadget insurance if you’re already covered by the umbrella of your home insurance plan? Read your current deals to check you aren’t needlessly wasting money.

Grow Your Own Food

Producing crops might be a little beyond your means, but most households could easily grow their own herbs and at least one form of fruit or vegetables.

Gardening is a great way to teach your children about healthy eating too.

Sell Unwanted Items

How many items have you got lying around your home unused? They aren’t just taking up space, they could also earn you money.

Rather than throwing out all your junk once a year, sell unwanted items at boot sales or via the internet. You’ll be surprised how much you make.

Swap Bottled Water For A Filter

Drinking the required amount of water is one of the most important parts of a healthy life, but bottled water isn’t cheap and tap water can taste bad.

Purchase a filtering jug and combine the best of both worlds. Keep it in the fridge and you’ll be more inclined to go for that rather than the bottle of Coca-Cola too.


It’s as simple as that. For the sake of a 30 second conversation, you might get yourself a better deal.

If you don’t ask then you don’t get.