Tuesday 11 May 2021
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12 Ways To Rekindle The Romance


As a marriage progresses it may lose that special spark, but here are 12 ways to rekindle the romance.

1. Start to have date nights with your partner. Take turns in planning the dates and surprising one another. This allows you reconnect away from the home.

2. You may not make an effort in your appearance as the marriage progresses, but you should take time to look good for one another.

3. You should never take your partner for granted just because you are married. You should express how you feel and make time to say “I love you.”

4. You need to be positive with your partner instead of criticizing them, as this may drive a wedge between you. Say things that will make your partner feel good and appreciate what they do.

5. You and your partner should touch more often as it has great powers. Hug one another, hold hands- anything to make you close. A touch can help you feel love and warmth.

6. An important factor in any relationship is sex. You can rekindle love in a marriage by trying new things in the bedroom or even out of it, instead of having the same mechanical sex.

7. Life can be crazy with responsibilities but you and your partner should have fun together. You can get out of the house and go do something that is fun together- something that you don’t normally do.

8. You and your partner both need to feel secure enough to have open communication. This way, you are able to know how one another are feeling and better understand each other.

9. You can also relive the first moments of your relationship by going to the place of your first date or talk about things that you have done together. This will help in reconnecting.

10. Small gestures of kindness can go a long way, especially when they are not expected. You should try doing small things for one another so you both feel love and valued.

11. As open communication is important, try to make the time to talk with no interruption. You and your partner should focus on one another and have that time you need.

12. Make time for one another, just the two of you. If you are never alone then you can’t expect to rekindle the marriage.