Tuesday 11 May 2021
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12 Ways To Make The Most Of Any Hotel Stay

For whatever reason, you find yourself having to travel, it can be hard to stay away from your family in a new location. If you are travelling on business, you might often get given a plush hotel with beautiful surroundings, but when you have to experience it alone, it can be tough. However, there are a few simple tips that can make your stay more enjoyable. Try to think about ways in which you can enhance your stay and get the most out of your travel experience.

Hotel staff are usually friendly and helpful, so there is always someone around to ask for assistance if you get stuck.



1 Planning

Planning your stay in advance can help to ease your mind about your hotel stays and to give you ideas regarding what you can do whilst there. If you are travelling alone, then it is worth checking out the local restaurants and any opportunities to socialise. If travelling as a family, ensure that your room has all of the amenities you will need.

2 Packing

Packing can be stressful, so look for as many quick-fixes and stress free tips as possible. Never leave packing until the last minute as you’re likely to forget something. Packing the day before can be a good way to start.

3 Checking in

Checking into any hotel is usually quick and painless. Be polite and friendly to the hotel staff. You will be reliant on them for the next few days. Regardless of whether your trip has been stressful, or your flights have been delayed, be kind to those around you.

4 Complimentary products

Many hotels have complementary products such as bath robes waiting for you upon arrival. Make the most of these. Putting on some fresh hotel slippers, and a fluffy bathrobe can make you feel at home during your stay.

5 Relaxing

Relaxing when you are away from your home, and normal surroundings can be hard, but try and take a long hot bath or shower. This will relax your muscles after travelling and leave you feeling refreshed.

6 Entertainment

There are usually plenty of options for TV viewing and movies at most hotels. Choose something you want to watch, or bring your laptop and a few DVD’s with you for some entertaining viewing.

7 Sleeping

Getting a good night sleep is important, especially if you have a meeting the next day. Relax, unwind and settle down a few hours before bed to ensure that you are tired enough to sleep.

8 Wake up calls

Most hotels will offer a wake-up call in the mornings. Take advantage of this just in case your alarm fails!

9 Morning routine

Get up and start your morning routine as you would at home. This will keep you on track and ready to start the day ahead.

10 Check the room

Before you leave, check the hotel room to ensure that you haven’t left anything behind. You don’t want the hassle of trying to track down lost property during your trip.

11 Pack

Pack your items carefully to ensure that you can easily unpack at home. Separate dirty clothes from clean so that you can easily place them in the washing machine.

12 Checking out

Take time to thank the staff for your stay. If you have enjoyed your time, tell them. Companies love feedback. If you have had any problems, make a note of this. It can be helpful for the hotel to know about these.