Tuesday 11 May 2021
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12 Ways To Lower The Cost Of Your Car Insurance

Running a car is expensive as it is, and the costs can skyrocket if you’re hit with a pricy car insurance premium. Luckily, there are many simple ways to bring down the cost of your car insurance. Try some of these out to make room in your budget for more enjoyable expenses.


  1. Upgrade your driver’s license. Taking additional driving courses, like the Pass Plus in the UK or a defensive driving course in the US, can prove your prowess on the road and lower the cost of your premiums. Look around for courses in your area and sign yourself up- you’ll learn how to drive more effectively and could save some cash in the long run.
  2. Compare costs. Rather than sticking with the same insurance company you’ve always gone with, shop around for a better deal. There are tons of useful price comparison websites online where you can compare rates, and you may also be able to call the insurance companies to ask for a quote. Tell them you’ve found a better deal elsewhere and they just might offer a discount.
  3. Try out telematics. Some insurance companies now offer telematics-based insurance, where a tracker in your car keeps an eye on your driving habits and sets your premium rates accordingly. If you’re a consistently safe driver who doesn’t spend a huge amount of time on the road, you could qualify for a great deal.
  4. Decrease your mileage. Your insurance provider is likely to look at the amount of miles you get through in your car each year. If you take public transport to work and back to avoid a long commute in your vehicle then you could easily pay less in your premiums than if you were to drive there everyday.
  5. Pick your car carefully. You may like the sound of a flashy new sports car, but a newer more expensive model will cost you far more in car insurance than an older, sturdy car. You can find out the exact rates from your insurance company, but generally speaking newer cars will be more expensive to insure.
  6. Work on your credit rating. Many car insurance companies check your credit score before they assign you a premium. If your credit rating has suffered in the past through late payments or missed credit cart bills, work on improving the score before you apply for car insurance.
  7. Park safely. Insurers will often want to know where you park your car overnight. If it’s in a locked garage you’re more likely to get a good rate than if you’re parking on an open street, where you could become a victim of theft.
  8. Invest in some safety additions. Insurers prefer if you keep your car as safe as possible, so they’ll lower your premiums if you add some on yourself. Consider installing a car alarm, airbags and other safety features to get a discount.
  9. Keep your record squeaky clean. Every point that you get on your license through moving violations will have a negative impact on your insurance premium. Drive safely and avoid speeding to keep the costs down.
  10. Group vehicles under one premium. Many insurers offer discounted rates to customers who insure multiple vehicles with them. If you have other cars, a truck or a trailer then group them into one single policy.
  11. Eliminate coverage you don’t need. It’s always good to have as much coverage as possible from your policy, but if you have an older vehicle that isn’t worth much then collision coverage may be an unnecessary extra expense.
  12. Ask your provider for discounts. All insurance companies are different, and some will offer specific discounts for certain groups. If you’re a teen, senior citizen, military personnel or work for a certain company then you might qualify for a discount, so it’s always best to ask around for special rates.