Sunday 20 June 2021
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12 Ways To Combat Blood Pressure

If you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure then there could be all kinds of thoughts running through your head, but you needn’t be worried. There are ways that you can not just live with it, but bring it down too which will also help with overall health. Right here are 12 simple things that you can do to keep on top of it.

1 Watch your waistline

Blood pressure very often goes up as our weight does too, so dropping a few pounds can lower your blood pressure too. Even just losing 10 pounds can be enough to bring the numbers down. Not only can dropping weight help drop your blood pressure, but it can also make any medication that you are on more effective.

Before you start out on a weight dropping regime, consult with a doctor first. Together you can work out what would be a safe amount to lose and help you set targets. To help keep an eye on your numbers, consider using a monitor like the omron hem-780.

2 Exercise regularly

As a part of your weight loss mission, you should give exercise some serious consideration. Regular activity, anything that really gets the heart pumping, can help to lower your pressure. For example, just 30 minutes of activity 4 times a week can lower your blood pressure by as much as 9 millimeters of mercury.

3 Eat healthily

Whole grains foods are excellent for lowering blood pressure, as you probably know, but they can only help as a part of a wider diet change. Changing diets isn’t easy but it can be done. Generally speaking, always try to prepare your own food rather than buying packaged. This way you can stay in control of what goes into your food.

4 Watch those sodium levels

Even a small drop in the amount of salt that you use in food can have a dramatic effect on blood pressure levels.

5 Eat spinach

High in fibre, low in calories and contains lots of healthy good stuff like potassium, folate, and magnesium which are great for lowering blood pressure.

6 Drink skimmed milk

Many turn this away as coloured water, but it is very good for you and packed with calcium and vitamin D – just what your body needs to maintain a healthy blood pressure

7 Keep a blood pressure diary

Monitor your blood pressure levels throughout the week and see if you can identify your trigger points. By doing this, you can discover if there are any particular situations that also see a spike in your blood pressure.

8 Socialise

Spending time with people that you actually like can have a profound and lasting effect. Simply enjoying good company, conversation and laughs can brighten an entire day and leave you feeling fantastic.

9 Steer clear of tobacco

While you are busy surrounding yourself with beautiful people, make sure you do it away from tobacco – yours and everyone else’s.

10 Reduce or remove alcohol from your lifestyle

You don’t have to completely eliminate alcohol if you don’t want to, but reducing the amount that you consume can drastically cut your blood pressure.

11 Reduce your caffeine levels

Coffee can have a similar effect on our bodies as alcohol, and causes a temporary spike in blood pressure levels. It is not known if these spikes have long term effects or not, but lowering caffeine intake can only help either way

12 Chill out

It is a known fact that stressful situations can spike blood pressure levels and possibly keep them there. Make sure that you take time out each day to relax and unwind. Check your blood pressure after a tough day, and again after an hour of relaxation.


Image credit: Flickr