Tuesday 11 May 2021
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12 Tips For A Successful Career In Sales

It has been said that getting a sales job is easy, being successful in this role, however, is not. There are certain skills and qualities that you must learn and develop in order to succeed in sales. Above all else, you must be committed, hard-working and hungry for success. Here are 12 tips for a successful career in sales.

  • Respect the job

Sales people get a  bad rep. They are often perceived by customers as annoying, pushy, and only concerned with one thing; making a sale. However, sales are very important; without them, we would have no economy. So, it is important to realise the significance of your role.

  • Be professional

Often people assume that because they are chatty and good with people that they would be a success in sales. Unfortunately, it is this kind of salesperson that often results in the negative reaction to this profession. Customers want a conversation rather than someone talking at them and instructing them that they can’t possibly live without this product or service. You are more likely to succeed in a sales job if you are polite and professional.

  • Get to know your customers

While you must inform customers about what your are selling, you should spend most of the time listening to them. This way you will understand who they are and what they need.

  • Get used to working on commission

When you are working in sales, your overall wage will be determined by your performance. Although you will probably be given a base salary, you will earn a commission every time you make a successful sale. This is an attractive incentive for many as you have control over your salary. However, it is important that your are not obsessed with making money. If you are, you could lose sight of the importance of learning and developing your skills.

  • Have some capital

It will take time to start earning commission, so it is important that you have some money in the bank to keep you going.

  • Have thick skin

It is inevitable that you will experience rejection, and at times impoliteness, while working in sales. You must learn not to take this personally and instead see it as a positive learning experience.

  • Constant learning

You must always be striving to do better by learning from your mistakes and educating yourself on new sales methods. Your employer will probably use professional coaching providers to supply training, like Spearhead sales training. However, you should also undertake personal learning and development.

  • Believe in what your are selling

If you don’t believe in the product or service that you are selling, your performance will suffer. Customers will be able to tell when your heart is not in it and will be less likely to buy from you. If you don’t believe in the product 100%, you should not try to sell it.

  • Be honest

You should never lie to your customers in order to make a sale. When the information you provided is discovered to be a lie, you will probably lose that customer forever.

  • Plan ahead

You should always plan ahead before speaking to clients. By preparing, you will know the right questions to ask and be able to answer any queries the client may have.

  • Helping others

Sales are about helping to meet the customer’s needs. It is not all about you and how much money you can make.

  • Extra work

You will need to be prepared to put in some overtime in order to advance in a sales role. If you are looking for more than the average 9-5 job, then sales may be a good option.

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