Tuesday 11 May 2021
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12 Things You Need for Successful Video Ad


Creating a video advert can be an excellent idea for your business. It’s a great way of promoting your products or services in a more visual manner. However, many people expect to have a great idea and then have an instant viral success. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. If you want to have a successful video ad, you have to put in a lot of work. There are many elements you need to get your video to succeed. Use the things below to ensure people like and share your video to attract attention to your brand.

  1. A unique idea

You need to start off with an idea that no one else has used. It could be similar to something you’ve seen before, but it should still have its own spin on it.

  1. The right tools

If you want everything to look professional, you should have the right equipment. That means having a decent camera, lighting, and editing software.

  1. A smart location

You don’t want to film your video in a dark, dull office. You should think about the best place to set it, keeping your concept in mind.



  1. Professional actors

You might be tempted to do the voice over or star in the video yourself. However, it’s better to use a voice casting service or hire professional actors.

  1. Marketing expertise

It’s not just about making the video. You also need to market it, for which you need the right knowledge. Consider hiring someone to help you out.

  1. Target audience knowledge

You should know your target audience well before making a video. You don’t want to miss the mark on entertaining or informing them. You need to avoid boring or offending them.



  1. Video sharing site accounts

Uploading your video outside of your website will help to get it seen. You should set up accounts (or channels) on YouTube and other sites.

  1. Knowledge of YouTube etc.

Don’t forget that you need to know about the most effective way to use these websites. Inform yourself about what you need to do to get your videos seen.

  1. Solid goals

Don’t make a video for your brand unless you know what it’s for. You should have a clear idea of your aims. What are you hoping to see when people start watching it?


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  1. Metrics to measure

Along with your goals, you need to know how you’re going to measure them. Likes, comments and shares might be easy. But how will you tell if your sales have increased?

  1. A call to action

People get to the end of your video, and they’ve enjoyed it, but they don’t do anything else. You’ve forgotten a call to action. Make sure you include one to prompt your viewers to do something.

  1. Professionalism

No matter what or who your video is for, keep it professional at all times. Everything from the lighting to the script should be carefully planned.

Making a video for your brand isn’t difficult, but having success with it is harder. Make sure you have these 12 things for a better chance.