Tuesday 11 May 2021
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12 Things That Will Help You Get a Job in the Fashion Industry

So, you want to get a job in the fashion industry. Well, that doesn’t really narrow it down I’m afraid! There are loads of jobs in the fashion industry; models, stylists, editors, and more. However, there are some common qualities that all fashionistas seem to have. If you have some of the following skills and qualities, you might find it much easier to get a job!

  1. Creativity

As you can imagine, most people in the fashion industry must be creative. Creativity can help with coming up with articles, ideas for fashion shows, clothing designs, and more. Practice some exercises designed to help you let your creativity flow and see what happens! Everybody has that little creative spark, you just need to take the steps to release it and make it available at all times!

  1. Individuality

Although people in the fashion industry commonly know about trends and follow them, they still keep a sense of individuality about themselves. They may have a unique feature nobody else has, like Cara Delevingne and her eyebrows. They may simply enjoy dressing in a certain style of garment. Try not to follow the crowd, and instead do what you like when it comes to fashion. Be confident in your own style and express your personality.

  1. The Ability to Spot a Trend

As we’ve just mentioned, the ability to spot a trend is important. Even if you plan on following them or not, this skill will help you to land a job in the industry. You could be the first person to report a growing trend to the public. If you land a role influential enough, you might even be the person who invents the trends!

  1. A Fashion Degree

A fashion degree from somewhere like Westlondoncollege Fashion School could go in your favour when applying for jobs.  Of course, a degree isn’t the only thing going to land you a job if you don’t have the rest of the qualities mentioned here, so try to develop them if you can. Your fashion course should help you in developing most of these skills! Make sure you research various places you can do your fashion degree, as they may concentrate on different topics and projects.

  1. Modelling Skills

You won’t necessarily need modelling skills if you plan on becoming the editor of a fashion magazine. However, you do need them if you plan on becoming a model, or even if you plan on being the person who prepares the models for a show. You should know the walk, the angles, and how to pose to get a great shot. Get in front of a mirror or watch Britain’s Next Top Model to help you!



  1. Communication Skills

Communication skills are very important in this industry. You’ll be liaising with all kinds of people, and the people you work with need to understand what you’re trying to tell them. Everybody needs to be on the same page, whether you’re working on a magazine, on a fashion show, or in a retail store. It’s no use being shy in this industry! Ensure your verbal and written communication is excellent.

  1. Drawing Skills

Drawing skills can help you to get your ideas out of your head and onto paper. If you plan on becoming a fashion designer, for example, this skill is essential. Even if you won’t be involved in the designing process, drawing skills can be a great help. You don’t need to be Picasso, but knowing how to draw in a way suited to the industry is useful.

  1. Knowledge of Past and Current Fashion Trends

Not only do you need to be able to spot a fashion trend when it’s getting more popular, you need a knowledge of past and current trends. This will help you in all kinds of areas, from your styling to your articles. Buy some books and get researching, or go vintage clothes shopping!

  1. Makeup and Hair Skills

Although these aren’t as important as if you were to work in the beauty industry, and good knowledge of them will be useful. You may need to design a hair and makeup look to go with a particular outfit, or decide on an entire look for a catwalk show/shoot. Hair and makeup in the fashion industry is less about trends, and more about making a look different and interesting. You see some models on the catwalk with bright yellow eyeshadow, others with their eyebrows covered in foundation to disguise them! It’s all about creating an entire look that gives the effect you want.

  1. The Ability to Accessorise

Accessorising is a big part of creating a trendy look too; in fact, sometimes it’s the accessories that make an outfit and finish it off. You should know when to put what accessories with outfits. Feel free to have your own accessorising style; it’s all a matter of taste and opinion. Some fashionistas love to pile on the jewellery, others say that less is more.

  1. An Eye for Detail

The little details really do matter when you want a job in the fashion industry. Things as small as a jacket lining or a pair of socks could make or break an outfit. Can you recognise these details? Spot something out of place or know when an outfit needs a little something extra? Then you have an eye for detail! Don’t be sloppy, and make sure you’re thorough.

  1. Visualisation Skills

Finally, visualisation skills are extremely helpful in this industry. You’ll always need to visualise a particular look or shoot before you spend the money on props and workers to get it done. A vivid imagination is imperative if you want to go far in this industry!

Do you have the majority of the above 12 things? If you do, you could stand a great chance of getting your dream job in the fashion industry. Set your mind to it, and you can achieve anything!

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