Tuesday 11 May 2021
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12 Successful Traits To Make It In Sales


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If you are looking for your next big sales hitter or thinking about a career in sales, what should you be looking for? What are the traits that set a successful seller apart? Is it an inherent ability, or something you can learn? The answer is probably a bit of both. Have a look at this list of traits and see if they apply to you.


A born seller will be a persistent character. They will not give up easily. They will not be dissuaded, and they will certainly not walk away from a challenge. On the other hand, we all know examples of salespeople who are pushy and the two things are not the same. You may have persistence and determination, but you know when to take a step back.


Without politeness, persistence is a wasted attribute. Politeness comes with people skills that you can learn. As a successful salesperson, you will understand how people work. You will know when to back off, and most of all you will be faultlessly polite. That doesn’t mean you will give up!


Determination means seeing a goal and making your way there no matter what the obstacles are. A determined seller will not give up. If one route is blocked, you will find another. In fact facing obstacles only makes a good salesperson better. They learn from the experience.


Like empathy, true understanding comes from seeing things from a customer’s point of view. This is a truly valuable insight as it allows you to see how you can help. It allows you to be a part of a solution to a problem.

Being a hunter

Finding leads is a little like hunting. You have to know where to look, and there is a certain amount of analysis and tracking down. Like a hunter, a sales rep will be great at seeking out clues. They will understand what the best strategies are. They will also know that there are differences in how they approach each task. A hunter must be discerning.

Have a heart

A hunter must also have a heart. That is he or she must understand what makes people tick. This means developing empathy for people. This is not a sign of weakness but a real trait that can be learned.

The ability to listen well

A key attribute is the ability to listen well. People love the opportunity to talk about themselves, and sometimes that is the biggest help you can have. The more you know, the more you will be able to judge the situation. Be argumentative but know when to back off. Body language skills and awareness are invaluable.

A driven Intelligent learner

It is a fact that some of the best candidates in sales do not always come from conventional backgrounds. Their paths are their own, and they are more likely to have made their way. But good candidates will always be willing to learn. They will be open to new strategies and different ways of thinking. They will find themselves attracted to training opportunities. They will seek to work with dynamic up and coming companies. Employers looking for the best will seek them out. For more information click here to connect with an award winning organisation that thrives on these qualities.


The best candidates in sales are irrepressible. They have a tendency to make the most of opportunities and find their way to the top. You can’t keep a good sales rep down.

A little bit reckless

This is all about taking chances. Not being afraid to climb high. Not being afraid to take a jump or a leap.

Creative thinker

The best sales workers are creative thinkers. They will come up with new strategies, they will find new ways of approaching old ones. They will be able to find solutions to problems that confound other people.


Enthusiasm comes along with resilience and determination. It marks the sales candidate out as someone special. No matter how tough it gets, not matter how many times they are rejected, there is something in their spirit that will not give up. Ever