Sunday 20 June 2021
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12 Steps To Creating A Serene Bedroom


 Rearrange your bedroom furniture

Create some open and relaxing space by not having too much furniture or too many things in your bedroom.

Decorate using neutral colors

Try to limit yourself to around three colours so that your bedroom is not too stimulating, but is relaxing instead.

Soft lighting

Use warm, soft lights as they are calming. Natural light can have a similar effect.

Soft rugs

If you have wooden floors, soft rugs can really add to the feeling of warmth and serenity.

Comfortable bed

This is the one thing you don’t need to feel guilty about spending a lot of money on. A good mattress really does matter.

Choose what you love

Decorate your bedroom with items you have chosen and that make you feel happy and good.

A bit of luxury

Splash out on areally soft but not really cheap comforter or throw for your bed- every time you touch it you’ll be happy you did.


Don’t keep excessive amounts of anything in your bedroom; find other places to store these things. You want an open and calming space, not an overwhelming pile of things to sort out.


Plants and flowers can be very soothing, look into adding a plant or fresh flowers to your bedroom.

Temperature control

Does your bedroom get too hot in summer or too cold in winter? Invest in a heating and cooling system or a dual use fan.


Candles give a warm, soft light which can sometimes be just as relaxing as a hot bath.

Sleep only area

Your bedroom should be a sleep only area- avoid distractions such as computers and televisions. This space should be your calming retreat from all the stresses of life.