Tuesday 11 May 2021
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12 Simple Ways To Tell If A Business Is Trustworthy


(Image via pixabay

When you’re looking to buy a service or product, you want to do business with someone you trust. Here are 12 ways to tell if a business is trustworthy:


  • Website Layout: Study the layout of their website, does it seem cheap and fake? A trustworthy business will likely put effort into designing the perfect website.
  • Website Content: Look over the site and see if it displays enough information on the business. Is everything on there up to date and as it should be?
  • Images: Are there any images on the website? If so, then are they HD quality images? A reliable online business will only use high-quality imaging on their site. Don’t trust a site that has clipart images on all its pages.
  • Web Presence: Does this online store have a wide presence on the internet. Try and find any social media accounts for the store across Twitter and Facebook. A key sign of a trustworthy online business is that they’re present over social networking sites.
  • Search Engine Rank: Most trustworthy businesses will have a good search ranking if you look them up. If you’re clicking on a website from the third or fourth pages of Google, don’t be surprised if it’s shifty.
  • SiteAdvisor: Download web security software that tells you if a website is safe or not. If it flags up the website you’re on, chances are there’s something dodgy about their business.
  • Address: Find and visit someone’s business address before you financially commit to them. Do they even have an address? It’s a lot easier to trust a business when you know there’s a physical address you can visit.
  • Business Cards: If you have a meeting with someone from a company before you financially commit to them, then consider their business cards. Some business cards are a lot better than others and a good way of telling if someone is trustworthy or not. If they hand you a cheap, scrappy, looking business card, then they seem like an amateur business that doesn’t know what they’re doing.
  • Payment Methods: Check if they have secure payment methods set up for you to complete transactions. If they don’t, then something is up. If they’re asking for your social security number, then walk away immediately.
  • Delivery: Knowing exactly when something is meant to be delivered is a key part of trusting a business. Do they tell you how long it takes for your purchase to arrive? If they don’t give any delivery info, then you could spend money on something you need very soon, but it ends up taking months to arrive.
  • Reviews: See if anyone has reviewed the company and can vouch for its legitimacy. If you can’t find anything positive, then I’d advise you don’t do business with them.
  • Refunds:
  • Does the business allow you a full refund if the product/service you buy isn’t
  • up to scratch? Any legitimate business will offer full refunds for faulty products or incomplete services.


Finding out if a business is trustworthy is hugely important for anyone spending money. The last thing you want is to end up losing money in a scam or having your bank details stolen. So take extra care and take all these things into account before purchasing something from any business.