Sunday 20 June 2021
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12 Simple Ways To Squash the Barriers Preventing Your Career Success!

Most people begin their working life dreaming of a worthwhile and rewarding career. But it can much harder to succeed than they had first imagined. There are lots of things that can get in the way of career success. Learn how to get on top of these problems by reading the article below.




Firstly low self-confidence can seriously damage your career. If you do not have much faith in your abilities, it is hard for others to put their confidence in you. If they have given you the job, it’s likely they believe you can get it done, so don’t be so hard on yourself!

Low self-esteem

Low self-esteem is not so much about lacking the confidence to do the job, but that the person has a more negative view of themselves globally. Those with low self-esteem, often do try too hard, which is a desperate bid for approval of their peers and superiors, which can lead to early burnout and emotional health issues. Counseling and CBT can help you boost your confidence and see yourself in a much more balanced way.


Career success can seem especially difficult if you suffer from a behavioral issue like ADHD. The answer is a combination of factors including medication, behavioral strategies and workplace adjustments. A plain, solitary office can help those with ADHD be less distressed by their environment. Some people use medication. While some use a natural supplement like to deal with their ADHD. If this is something that you would like to try, consult your doctor before changing or adding to any of your medications

Asperger’s syndrome.


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Many people with Aspergers have an amazing knowledge of a particular subject and choosing a career in a similar field can help them excel. See, as a prime example. But then can struggle with networking and social side of things.



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Another thing that can make or break your career success if the quality of those mentoring you. A good mentor is someone that can listen to your concerns and help you devise a plan of action to deal with them.


Not everyone like their boss, but you don’t have to succeed. Being honest and respect if a good way to foster a positive relationship with your superiors.


Most people think that their career success is partly based on luck. But successful people know that they have to make their own luck. They are the ones that don’t take no for an answer. They create their own companies so they can fulfill their dreams.




It is crucial to be motivated to succeed. Motivation is a strong force, but it comes from different sources depending on the person. Some people are extrinsically motivated, others are more intrinsically motivated. Whichever way you get motivated, use this to help you be the best that you can be.

Love your work

They say if you can make your hobby your career then you’re set for life. Its is true that if you are doing something you love everyday you ate much more likely to succeed at it.

Keep Learning

Just because you have attained a certain position does not mean that you should give up learning. The most successful people know that they have to keep learning all the time to get ahead of their field.

Take some breaks

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” as Jack Nicholson said in the shining! It’s true though without holidays and weekend fun, you won’t be as refreshed come money morning. Then you may find it harder to concentrate and do your best.

Poor organization

To be succesful you have to know what you want and the steps to get there. That why is vital that you are organised and have a career plan. Even if you don’t keep to it religiously, it will help you see what you are aiming for.