Tuesday 11 May 2021
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12 Signs You Should Get Married

Some people say that there’s a soulmate out there for all of us. Some say they’ve found theirs. Some say we have more than one. I say we don’t know for sure, but you do know when a relationship is going great! If you’re thinking about marriage, that’s a good sign for a start. To help you decide when the right time to wed your partner is, look out for these 12 signs:

  1. You Have the Same Goals

You and your partner should have the same goals and views on life. You should both want the same thing. If one of you wants kids and the other one is adamant that they don’t, one will have to compromise or the relationship won’t work.

  1. You Get On With Their Family

Although this isn’t the be all and end all, it can definitely make life easier if you get along with one another’s family. If your family love them, they’re probably a keeper!

  1. You Consider them Before Making a Decision

We are faced with decisions in life day in day out, some are more important than others. However, you’ll find that you consider your other half before coming to a conclusion most times. If you don’t, there could be something amiss.

  1. Other People Tell You How Brilliant You Both Are

People looking in from the outside can usually tell the quality of a relationship. This is because they don’t have the feelings involved, so if you’re not working they can usually see it better than you can. They can also usually see how brilliant you both are, if that’s the case.

  1. You’ve Overcome Arguments and Tough Times

All couples will need to overcome arguments and tough times. However, I don’t mean silly arguments that you have every day, which result in you breaking up every week. If those are your ‘tough times’, you should reconsider this relationship. Couples who constantly split up will only make things harder by getting married.

  1. You Can Be Yourself Around Them

Arab dating advice states you should feel comfortable around the person you’re going to marry. You shouldn’t feel bad about looking like a slob one day, or pigging out in front of the TV. However, you should also want to make an effort for them occasionally too. You should be able to show who you really are to them without worry!

  1. You Make a Great Team

Relationships are all about teamwork. You should feel like you and your partner form a strong team.

  1. You Want to Do it for the Right Reasons

Many people love the idea of marriage, but this is the wrong reason to do it. You should want to do it to live happily ever after with the person you love!


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  1. You Don’t Want to Change Them

You should love your partner for who they are, and they should feel the same about you.

  1. You’re the Best Version of Yourself When You’re With Them

Do you feel on top of the world when you’re with them? Do you feel like they bring out the best in you? This is a good sign!

  1. You Love the Idea of Life After Marriage Too

You should think about what you’ll do after marriage too, and not just what the day will be like. Do you see a happy future?

  1. Are You Willing to Make Compromises?

Being married naturally comes with some need to compromise. Will you be willing to do that, or do you still feel a little selfish?

Can you put a tick next to most of these points? You should probably get married!