Sunday 20 June 2021
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12 Preparations You Must Make Before Your Wedding



The engagement is an exciting time for any bride or groom to be. However, the process of organising the wedding can be a long and daunting challenge.

Rather than jumping in at the deep end, it’s vital that you have a plan of action. Here are a dozen things you cannot afford to forget.

  1.  The Date

The starting point for any wedding is to designate a date. It’s set to be the happiest day of your lives, so choose wisely.

  1.  Finances

The wedding won’t just be the most magical day of your life, it will also be the most expensive. The average UK wedding is believed to cost a staggering £22,000. You might need to get saving now.

  1.  Venue

Every great wedding requires a special venue. Whether it’s a church or another registered location, this place will hold special memories forever.

  1.  The Guest List

Your wedding is a celebration of love, and it’s only natural that you want to share it with the people you hold dear. However, there could be possible confrontations between guests that don’t get along. Plan wisely.

  1.  The Best Man / Bridesmaids

Of all the people attending your special day, the best man and bridesmaids are some of the most important. Remember, though, you’re placing a lot of responsibility on these individuals.

Don’t choose rashly.

  1.  Living Arrangements

Life changes when you start living together. If you aren’t already doing it, then be prepared for a huge shock. You never truly know your partner until you share the same home. Both parties must be clear about what they expect from their partner. After all, if you aren’t happy at home, you can’t be happy in the relationship.

  1.  Outfits

From the age of five, the bride to be has dreamt of the perfect wedding day. The wedding dress has always been a fundamental part of that. If there’s one item you need to get right, then this is it. Likewise, it’s important that the groom is dressed suitably.

  1.  The Rings

When it comes to symbols of your love and dedication, nothing matches the rings. You’ll be wearing these for the rest of your lives. Make sure that both parties like the designs of both rings.

  1.  Prenup

Discussing prenup arrangements might not be romantic, but in many cases it’s necessary. Hopefully, you’ll never have to exercise them. Nevertheless, you should speak to a family law expert just in case. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

  1.  Other Life Goals

You’re not only committing your love to one another; you’re also committing your lives. Knowing where you stand in relation to other life goals, such as careers and hobbies is essential. You don’t want to start arguing six months down the line due to contrasting views on what married life should entail.

  1. The Reception

The wedding day normally consists of a ceremony and reception. The latter should be fun for all your guests, but it does take a lot of preparation. Make sure you’ve got the food, music, and wedding cake planned long before the special day. Be sure to choose the best photographer too.

  1.  The Honeymoon Destination

While the wedding day takes priority, the honeymoon is still a key part of this new chapter. The holiday should serve as the perfect start to your new life together. After all this preparation, choosing somewhere where you can relax is key.