Tuesday 11 May 2021
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12 Motivations For Getting To The Gym


Put your workout clothes on

Make a deal with yourself that if you don’t feel like exercising once you get the gym you can go home. Odds are once you’re there you’ll bite the bullet.

Reward yourself

Tell yourself that if you go to gym 10 times in a set amount of time that you’ll buy yourself that dress you like or those shoes you just must have.

Add up the numbers

Work out how much a gym session costs you and every time you skip a session put this money in a jar, you’ll be shocked at how much money you’re wasting.

Be realistic

If you can only fit in one gym session a week then that’s the reality, but do it.

Recruit a friend

You’ll be less likely to cancel going to gym if someone else is counting on you being there, and you can motivate each other too.

Pump those tunes

Create a playlist of super energetic songs to get you through when you think you just can’t anymore.

Look forward to those endorphins

Workouts have been proven to produce endorphins in our brains- apparently they make you feel pretty good, so stick it out and get the biological reward.
Use some motivation

Perhaps a picture of you in better shape or your favorite celebrity in a bikini, whatever works for you.
Remember why you want this

Remind yourself of your fitness goals and why you want to workout in the first place.

Start off small

You don’t need to start out with five one-hour gym sessions a week, that’s a little crazy! Take it slow and build up your strength and endurance.

Hire a trainer

A trainer will compel you to get yourself to the gym and they’ll be able to tailor your workout.

Get some cute workout clothes

Buy some workout clothes that you really like- you’ll definitely want to wear them more.