Tuesday 11 May 2021
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12 Jobs To Keep You Employed For Life


The financial crises of recent years have left a lot of people out of work. Many more lost their lifelong jobs and had to start new careers with new companies. If you are about to graduate, you may be wondering which careers are most likely to keep you in employment for your whole working life. We give you the 12 jobs with the best staying power:

Teacher – If you have a maths or science degree then you could be in much demand as a teacher of those subjects. Starting salaries aren’t great. It’s also a steep learning curve. But if you’re great with teenagers and children, this could be the perfect career for as long as you want it.

Military – As a fit and healthy graduate you have a great chance at employment, and usually pay starts from day one in basic training. You can take advantage of subsidized housing and military apartments for as long as you serve. Careers are often slightly shorter, but most of the pension schemes will start from the day you retire.

Nursing – You may be moved from department to department and hospital to hospital. But there will always be a need for a qualified nurse. You could potentially work anywhere in the world with the right nursing qualifications. Good benefits and pension schemes are often part of the package.

Doctor – As a General Practitioner, Doctors are much in demand. You’ll see a lot of patients and may work from several practice centers. But your qualifications and experience will always be required.

Police Officer – Despite cutbacks, police officers will always be necessary. There are plenty of different departments to choose from, and career progression can be quite good.

Electrician – ‘Sparkies’ are always required because much of their work needs a certified professional to sign it off as safe. Construction sites and home improvements are your bread and butter. You may be self-employed, though, so benefits are down to you.

Plumber – One of the muckiest jobs going is also one of the most needed. If you’re a qualified plumber, you can work for yourself and earn good money taking care of domestic plumbing requirements.

Information Security – It’s a high-tech world. Many big companies are desperate to keep their customer data safe. If you know the ins and outs of data security then you could be in for a highly paid job for life.

App Developer – Programming and coding are the big business right now. If you’ve proven yourself as a developer, you could be in high demand. Keeping up to date with the latest languages will keep you in work for the long term.

Childminder – There will always be kids, and there will always be parents that need to work. If you have a good reputation and you’re good with children, you never need be out of work. This is usually a self-employed post.

Physical Therapist – Do you know your way around the body and how to fix those common aches and pains? You could be in high demand within a practice group or independently.

Retail – Jobs in retail are still one of the easiest to find, although many outlets come and go these days.

There you have it. Twelve of the most in-demand jobs that should help you ensure you are gainfully employed for the rest of your career. Happy job hunting!