Sunday 20 June 2021
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12 Items to Watch Out For This Year

Keeping up with technology is always expensive. For that reason, it is always best to start saving early. There have been whispers that soon technology will reach its limit. But by soon, scientists mean within the next one hundred years. This is because theoretically there is only so far technology can advance. It means that travelling at the speed of light and teleportation may never be possible. But we would not bet on it because sci-fi dreams are coming true this year. You can see what we mean below. These are just some of the items you may find yourself saving up for this year. We will start with the tech already out and obvious, working up to the coming soon and insane.




Ah, the obvious. There are two companies right now that can advertise anything and the public will buy it. They are Apple and Marvel. Marvel proved it when they made a box office hit out of a talking raccoon with a machine gun. Apple have been proving it for years. They constantly produce tech that is just slight tweaks of earlier versions. Yes, the iPhone is different from that old clunky iPod you have in your draw but took a lot of time to reach that point. Ipads are not progressing nearly as fast. The most recent iPad looks like a slightly slimmer version of the first one. Say what you like about the Iwatch but it is something new and has some interesting features. You will need a smartphone for it to work properly, but it is still something worth considering.


Drones are all the rage right now. We guess invading privacy is the hip new thing to do because you can find them on Amazon for around £100. A little technical these but they can be a fun toy. They are remote controlled helicopters with attached cameras.  It will take you a few days of flying it around your neighbourhood before you get bored. Maybe consider one as a present for father’s day. You can find some more interesting Father’s Day Gifts online.

Batman: Arkham Knight

Finally a game that shows some real promise. Pushed back from last years Christmas schedule, Rocksteady have been hard at work to give fans a game worth playing. “Be the Batman” is the tagline for this franchise and boy has it delivered. We are very optimistic especially with rumours that the Man of Steel himself will make an appearance. However, the game has been shadowed with controversy after it emerged that the DLC package would cost as much as a full game. If you want the full experience, you are going to need to open your wallets.


We will not say much about these except they will be incredibly expensive and huge. You will need a big one to see the effect of the Ultra HD picture, and they are going to cost around £30,000. You may want to wait for Ultra HD to become more affordable.

Star Wars Battlefront

Footage has been limited, but you should expect to see more at this years E3 conference along with the other blockbuster titles. From what we have seen the graphics are picture perfect, and this is a game that has been in the making for years. There will be one level from the new Star Wars film with more hopefully to be added in 2016. Our one disappointment, unlike the second title in the series there will be no space battles. Look out for it just before the new film hits movie theatres worldwide.

Iphone 7

Well, not much is known about this but it is Apple so a lot of people are going to want one. You can expect it to be announced sometime in Autumn. What should you expect? At a guess, we would say improved picture, slimmer design and a more powerful processor. Do not expect any massive changes to the model you have in your pocket. You will only be disappointed.

Nintendo NX

Shrouded in mystery is Nintendo’s attempt to provide a games console consumers want. It has only been two and a half years since the WII U launched, but it was hit with disappointing sale figures. This is Nintendo’s chance to catch up to the big boys of the console wars, Sony and Microsoft. You can expect something different that is for sure, maybe even revolutionary. Nintendo will be once again looking to break the console mould completely. There has been talk of a high concept controller and maybe blending portable and console gaming. When can we expect to see it? A rough guess would be sometime in 2016. One thing we do know based on Nintendo’s track record is it will be affordable.

Oculus Rift

Stepping into the future now with Virtual reality headsets. Everything you have been dreaming of since you were little. The chance to enter movies and games and feel like you have journeyed to another world. People who have played around with the Rift headset have had nothing but glowing reviews.  We can not wait to finally get our hands on one. Hopefully, they will be on shop floors by the end of this year.

Sony Morpheus

On the other hand, Sony is getting in on the VR game to with their headset that works with Playstation Move. Again, apparently the experience is phenomenal, and it should also have a presence at E3 this year. However the earliest you will be able to purchase it will probably be early 2016.

Nike Air Back to The Future Trainers

Remember Back to the Future Part II told us that we would have flying cars and hoverboards by 2015. Well, we will get back to hoverboards in a minute but how about those self-tying trainers?

Nike is confident they will have working replicas of the ones Michael J Fox wore in the film available this winter. How much will they cost? With power laces, we suspect more than your average sneakers that is for sure.

Google Glass



Despite the weird look of them the first signs of Google Glass were promising. Having the ability to feel like you were on a roller coaster while sitting in bed. Video calling your friend by the just the blink of an eye. Explorer versions were available last year for developers.  We were expecting the finished product would have been released by now. However, now the Glass has all but vanished. The official website says we will see more of Glass soon, but we have to wonder whether developers found a crucial flaw in the tech. We can only wonder if the product will appear on the market sometime in 2016.


Remember Hoverboards? We sure do. We have wanted one ever since we saw Marty Mcfly use his to beat Biff in a game of wits and courage. Again, the film promised hoverboards would be with us by 2015 and guess what? It was right…sort of. Hoverboards have come to life in the form of a kickstarter campaign. The tech does look promising but will require special arenas to work. Still, it’s a start.

While the future continues to be out of reach, it seems we are finally starting to reach the version of it promised in movies and films.  We could not be more excited to see where technology takes us next. Of course, there are ways to improve your life without tech but we just cannot help ourselves.