Tuesday 11 May 2021
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12 Inexpensive Things To Do This Summer

The summer is a time for having lots of fun in the sun! Nothing should be allowed to dampen your spirits during this bright and joyful season, not even a small budget! If you are strapped for cash and worried that this holiday is going to be an uneventful one; fret no more! Here are 12 inexpensive, but incredible, things to do during the summer holidays.

  1. Grow your own

More and more people are becoming interested in growing their own produce at home. If you fancy a hands-on project this summer, why not cultivate some fruit, herbs and veggies in your garden or home? Seed packets, soil and basic plant pots can be bought for very cheap from your garden centre or supermarket.


Image: Vidya Crawley

  1. Cook up a storm

Another affordable activity you might enjoy is experimenting with some delicious summer recipes in the kitchen. If you are buying fresh ingredients from the supermarket, go seasonal as much as possible as they will be cheaper and the best tasting.

  1. Through a summer party

A party with all your friends and family is a great way to enjoy the summer without spending a fortune. Here’s a thrifty idea: ask everyone to bring a dish “pot luck” style, so you don’t blow your budget on catering.

  1. Have a beach “staycation”

Holidays in Blackpool and many other coastal locations in the UK can be just as fun and sunny as going abroad, and cost much less. So, root out your bucket and spade; you are going to be beside the seaside this summer after all!


Image: Akash_Kurdekar

  1. Visit free sights

Many sights and attractions around the country are admission free. Find out what monuments, museums and other attractions are free, or affordable, and make it your mission to get to know your local area better.

  1. Have fun at a festival

The summer is one of the busiest times for festivals of all kinds. While the bigger ones tend to be expensive, the more local and low key food, clothes and entertainment festivals will provide a fun and affordable day out.

  1. Take up an inexpensive hobby

If you have plenty of time off, why not use this time productively by taking up a new pastime. There are so many free and fulfilling options to choose from like photography and learning and language.


Image: Pedro Ribeiro Simoes

  1. Volunteer

Why not give something back to your local community by helping out at a shelter or an animal rescue centre? This is a very rewarding thing to do with your time.

  1. Write a blog

Blogs can be started by anyone on any subject, for free. So get all those creative ideas you have in your head onto the screen and share them with others.

  1. Host a film festival

Inevitably there will be a rainy day or two during the summer months. But not to worry, invite your friends around and start working your way through your film collection.

  1. Visit family and friends

If you have relatives or friends that you haven’t seen in a while, why not pay them a visit. It will be a great opportunity to catch up.

  1. Do a “spring” clean

If you missed the opportunity during spring, it’s not too late to tidy up your home and leave it looking shiny and new.

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