Tuesday 11 May 2021
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12 Incredible Ways To Say I Love You

One of the most important phrases you will utter in your life will be ‘I love you’. You’ll say it to your partner, your parents, your children and even your friends. Think back on all the times someone has said it to you. It feels good. It’s important to hear those words in any relationship, but there are plenty of other ways to say ‘I love you’. We give you 12 different ways to say ‘I love you’ to your nearest and dearest:

  1. Sing a song – Serenading is a traditional way for a man to woo a woman. Men have been exercising their vocal chords with songs of love for centuries. These days you might feel a little embarrassed if your chap suddenly burst into song outside your house. Popular song choices today include Elton John’s ‘Your Song’; James Blunt’s ‘You’re Beautiful’, and Joe Cocker’s ‘You are so Beautiful’. Singing lessons may be advised but the man of your dreams singing a couple of lines of the lyric in your ear can certainly be romantic.
  2. Flowers – Don’t just buy any bunch of flowers to show someone you care. Pick flowers that scream ‘I love you’! Red, pink and white carnations coupled with red roses would certainly be the ultimate love fest of blooms. It’s not about how much money you spend. Careful consideration in your bouquet is essential. Check out a website like for inspiration. What you write on the card can be just as important as the blooms, so consider your message of love carefully.


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  1. Write a poemShakespeare was the ultimate writer of love in his day. He wrote dozens of sonnets and romantic poems declaring his love. Of course, few of them roll off the tongue with ease these days, but there is nothing stopping you penning your own declaration of love.
  2. Make a photo book – There are plenty of good photo printers out there offering deals on photo book creations. You can design the layout yourself or pick a template to work to. Include all the photos of you both that you love the most, and then present the book as a token of love.
  3. Dance the Tango – This dance is one of the most passionate and intense to learn. It conveys your feeling of lust, passion and love throughout. It’s a great way to physically show your intentions and the intensity of your love for your partner. Some people even consider it great foreplay!
  4. Be happy – No matter what happens at work, if you are happy at home with your loved ones, they will know you love them. Happy relationships do require effort, and many people believe happiness is a state of mind. If you can show your partner or kids that you are happy in their company, they will feel the love from you without you needing to say a word.
  5. Cuddle – There are lots of different kinds of hugs you can give. When you see your friends in the street, you may give a quick ‘hello’ hug. The same applies when you visit your in-laws. The kind of cuddle that says ‘I love you’ is the one that neither of you wants to let go. Your bodies are close, and your breathing immediately relaxes as you squeeze each other. It doesn’t matter whether you are hugging your kids, your Mother or your husband. You want to be holding each other because it says ‘I love you’ so well.


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  1. The reasons why – Saying ‘I love you’ every day may feel like it lacks a little sincerity from time to time. Spice it up by saying why you love that person so much. You love your son because he’ll always be your baby. You love your husband because he goes the extra mile to make you smile. You love your mother because of all the sacrifices she made to make you happy. Sometimes a simple thank you is enough to prove you care and love a person.
  2. Do something you hate – Most of us have a chore we love to hate. Our partners usually get stuck with it. If you step up to the plate and get it done, so your other half can have some time off, that speaks volumes about your feelings for them. So put out the garbage or scrub down the barbecue, because you love him.
  3. Share something you love – When we’re really enjoying ourselves we wish we could share that happiness. So make it happen. If you love to skydive, take your partner with you. If running is your passion, see if your kids would like to come with you. Even if it is your special thing you do for yourself, sharing it shows you love them.
  4. Announce it – Tell the world you love that person. Renew your vows, or throw a party just to toast your mother. Hire a plane to tow a sky message, or place an ad in the newspaper. By letting the whole world know you love someone, you are telling that person that your love for them conquers everything!
  5. Write a list – Every time your loved ones do something that makes you smile write it down in a list titled ‘Why I love you so much’. Hang this list up on the wall for everyone to see. Each time they do something that makes you love them more you can add it to the list. It should be a list for a lifetime, and will undoubtedly become very long over time. It also acts as a great reminder of your feelings when you hit those bumpy patches or get cross with each other.

Love can be as complicated or as simple as you like. For most of us it can’t be helped. We love the people we’re with because of who they are and how they make us feel. The most important thing to do for those you love is to tell them you love them, and they will say it back. Declarations of love make us feel great, special, needed and appreciated, so tell your loved ones how you feel today.