Tuesday 11 May 2021
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12 Ideas To Try To Quit Smoking Cigarettes

When you really want to quit smoking, but you really want to smoke a cigarette, the dilemma can be too much to bear. Giving up cigarettes can be especially tough if you enjoy the taste and nicotine buzz. If smoking a cigarette is that thing you do to break up the day and get away from it all for a few minutes, you will find quitting incredibly challenging. If you like smoking, it is hard to find the motivation to stop. For those of you addicted to the habit as well as the nicotine, we give you 12 alternatives to smoking cigarettes when you are really craving one:

  1. Personal vaporizers or e-cigs – These feel and taste like cigarettes. You order your liquids in dozens of different flavors from places like Joe’s Vapor Shop, which may help you get over the missing cigarette taste quicker. Choose various amounts of nicotine or none at all, to help you kick the habit as slowly as you need.


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  1. Gum – Chewing is nothing at all like inhaling a cigarette. However, it gives you something to do with your mouth, and it contains a serious hit of nicotine to get you over your usual cigarette break.
  2. Patches – Gives your mouth and fingers nothing to do, so are better for those who want to break all the habits of smoking in one go. It provides a steady nicotine supply to your system all day.
  3. Walk – For those that used the smoking break to get away from annoying colleagues, a quick walk around the building should achieve a similar satisfaction. No chemicals and no stink.
  4. Breathing exercises – A lot of what calms us down when we have a cigarette is the controlled breathing technique we use. We take deep inhalations and long, controlled exhalations when we smoke. Practice this breathing without a real cigarette to see if you can feel relaxed and calm in just sixty seconds. Put your fingers to your lips to help you get started.
  5. Inhalers – Some are just props, others are like e-cigarettes. The point is you have something to put to your lips and mimic the inhalations you crave when you miss real cigarettes.
  6. TabletsTablets to help you quit smoking contain the chemicals you may be craving. The nicotine, in particular, helps you feel that you are not withdrawing.
  7. Lozenges – Many people complain these taste horrible but do actually resemble cigarette smoke on the tongue. This makes it easier to quit the cigarettes in that it reminds you that the flavor is unpleasant. Most importantly, they keep your mouth busy while you get that little hit of nicotine you’ve been after.
  8. Nasal spray – Not the nicest thing to do, but you’ll get your nicotine.
  9. Plastic cigarette – These cost almost nothing and harm you in no way at all. Just a handy prop.
  10. Chew a stick of celery – Gives your mouth and hands something to coordinate together for a good couple of minutes.
  11. Stress ball – Gives your hands something rhythmic to do to alleviate the stress.