Sunday 20 June 2021
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12 Great Ways Your Nerdy Hobby Can Make You Cash

For most of us, nerdy hobbies used to be something to be hidden away. For many years videogames and comic books were the preserve of overgrown boys. But now, as geek culture has entered the mainstream, there’s no need to hide any of it away anymore. In fact, geek culture has come so far that having hobbies related to superhero comics, or playing video games is seen positively.

And this explosion of mainstream popularity has also meant that there are loads of new people entering the nerd world. This means that there are plenty of ways that your nerdy hobby can start to work for you. Maybe it used to be that you felt bad spending so much time and money on something that people proclaimed was a useless waste. But now the tables have turned, and there are plenty of ways for you to make cash from your nerdy hobbies. Here’s how.


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Video Game Trading

There are plenty of people out there that are now professional gamers. Some of them spend their time playing in competitions or being sponsored for cash. These are pretty rare in the world of gaming, as it can be hard to get to a level where you are amongst the top in the world. But a viable alternative for the rest of us lies in trading online.

There are plenty of role playing games out there where people buy items for real world currency. If you play the game right, then you can trade in-game assets that have real-world worth. That way, when you cash out at the end of your session you’ll have more than what you went in with.

Small Time Competitions

Like we said, it can be difficult to be a pro gamer. But that ‘s not to stop you from entering small competitions. On this circuit, there are often substantial cash prizes to be had, and the more you win, the bigger they get.


So much in the subculture is about finding a place to express your thoughts and create forums for discussion. If you already find yourself going on massive rants about how one superhero would beat another in a fight, then you should consider writing a blog. When you have enough readers, you should be able to advertise on the blog, giving you a bit more pocket money.


This is a bit more of an established way of making cash. In the same way that antique traders can buy and sell to make a profit, you can buy and sell collectables. There are plenty of places to find collectable plush for sale, and you can trade and cash out until you have made quite the profit. These collectables are likely to rise in worth over time, especially if they relate to particularly popular franchises. It is often worth spending less early on and hoping for a rise in demand, before using online auction sites to make your money.

With items like this, the key is to try to anticipate demand. As a veteran of the subculture, you are more able to understand which brands are desirable and which are on their way out. Use this information to your advantage, and you will be sure to make a load of cash.

Skilled Work

There are plenty of board games out there where people are buying figurines and painting or customising them for use. If you’re skilled in either of these areas, you can charge people for your services. People like to have things taken care of by people with a great deal of expertise, so you can charge a fair bit for this.

Shop Work

If you don’t fancy working for yourself, then there are plenty of shop jobs now. With the mainstream popularity of gaming, there are loads of high street shops that have huge customer bases. They will value your specialist knowledge and give you the chance to see the latest products up close.


There are plenty of complex board games and other manners of entertainment that require a certain amount of basic knowledge before you can really engage with them. This means that there is a market for coaching in nerdy games and pastimes. As more and more people engage with the subcultures of geekiness, there has been an explosive demand for induction. You can capitalise on this by offering your services for a modest fee.

This can also be a great way of adding new people to your circle of friends if you are already gathered to play a particular game. Make sure that you’re not charging too much though, as a lot of the groups that form around games such as these are predicated on generosity. You want to make new friends and continue to enjoy your pastime as well as making a bit of cash.

Car Boot Sales

You may see signs for garage and car boot sales in your area. People tend to throw out their old toys and pastimes without even thinking that they could be worth anything. Cast your eagle eye over their old junk, and see if there’s anything that could make you money.

Buy To Sell

This is slightly different to buying and selling collectables. With plenty of board games, players sell on their old gear to fund their next big buy. If you’re canny enough, you can buy up old sets at a low cost and sell them online for significantly more. Remember that the internet is your friend when it comes to making money.

Trade In

As the market for collectables, comic books and video games has increased, so has the second-hand value of these things. It used to be that selling your old things, either online or to a specialist dealer, would not yield you a great profit. But things are changing, and as new people have become involved so has new money. As there is more demand in general, so the cost of second-hand goods has risen.

This is great for you, as it means that all of the things that you are done using, like old video games and comics, are worth a lot more. Do yourself a favour and trade them in next time you are going in-store to buy that next big thing. You’ll notice that it will save you a lot when it comes to splashing out.

Save While You Play

If you’re really into your video games then there are plenty of ways to save money. You should be looking into sales. In the same way that regular shops commit to sales, online video game services are also committing to sales for their customers. If you are clever and think in advance, then you can save a bunch of cash.

You should also be on the look out for the next big thing. In gaming, as in every other hobby, there is always a huge amount of hype around what the next big thing will be. As a veteran gamer, you should be able to predict what this will be. And you should then be able to get out ahead of the crowds, meaning that you can buy at a discount.

Online Tutorials

This is slightly different to providing coaching in person. If you play any video games online, you can record tutorials that will attract viewers. You can either charge for the videos if there is enough demand, or monetise by advertising.