Tuesday 11 May 2021
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12 Father’s Day Gifts You Should Have Bought This Year


If Fathers Day 2014 was something of a washout for your beloved dad, then you can always make it up to him next year. Of course, you want to find him the perfect gift, but sometimes that is easier said than done. If you are planning on spoiling your dad next year (and making up for rubbish gifts this year) then read on for useful tips and advice on how to find your dad the perfect present:

1.    Die-Cast Models

If your dad likes to get strangely nostalgic around gift-bearing times, then die-cast models of his favourite Eddie Stobart trucks may just be the perfect gift for him. Dad’s love anything with a motor, so indulge his petrol-head with an awesome die-cast model

2.    Hampers

The gift of food is always a good idea. Fill a hamper full of his favourite sweet treats to ensure that you win serious brownie points

3.    Jumpers

While this may seem like a present your dad doesn’t want to receive, ensure that you get him a good, quality cashmere sweater that he is sure to appreciate. While June may not be perfect weather for him to wear this, he will love it come winter

4.    Aftershave

Encouraging dad to ditch the Brut, or High Karate, can difficult, so by buying him the gift of aftershave, you can ensure that he smells the epitome of modern man (even if he doesn’t act like it)

5.    The Gift of Photos

Indulge your dad’s sentimental side and compile a photo frame of photos of you, your mum and your siblings throughout the years. He is sure to love this heartfelt token of your affection. Be warned, he may be a little teary eyed when he receives it

6.    Tools

For some reason, all dad’s love to build stuff, irrespective of whether they are good at it or not. Get his DIY juices flowing and bear him the gift of tools

7.    Gardening Gifts

If your dad’s hero is Alan Titchmarsh, then giving him gardening gifts is a sure fire way of ensuring that you win “child of the year.” You can purchase gardening gifts in vintage styles or contemporary styles. There is something for every dad.

8.    Watches

Giving the gift of time is something that everyone will appreciate. Treat your father to a classic timepiece next year. He won’t be disappointed.

9.    Alcohol

Getting dad drunk may not be the best idea, especially if he starts rocking his ‘unique’ dance moves. All dad’s love a cheeky tipple, so as long as he enjoys his beverage in moderation, there is no reason dad won’t love this gift.

10.    iPad

While this may not be the cheapest gift to bear, if your dad is something of a technology nerd, he is sure to love the gift of an iPad.

11.    Gadgets, Galore

Should an iPad be stretching your limited funds, then any type of gadget will be perfect for your dad. Indulge his inner technology freak and ensure that he receives the gift of gadgets

12.    Music

If your dad is something of a mover and shaker, then why not treat him to an iTunes voucher next year? That way, he will get something he truly wants.