Tuesday 11 May 2021
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12 Essential Things You’ll Need if You Want to be a Nurse

If you’re serious about wanting to be a nurse, there’s a lot you’ll need to think about. This type of career isn’t so much a job as a calling. It’s something people do because they want to do it. If you think it’s the road to being rich you need to consider another career path.

Going to work as a nurse each day is like stepping into a pressure cooker. You’re responsible for sick people and for looking after vulnerable patients. It’s a career where mistakes can, quite literally, cost lives. Make sure you apply yourself if you want to do this job.

In fact, here are 12 essential things you’ll need if you want to be a nurse. Some are objects; others are personality traits. All are important and all play a huge role in forming your career as a nurse.


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  1. Confidence

It’s imperative that you have confidence as a nurse. You need to know what you’re doing, and you need others to know it. You’ll spend a lot of your time dealing with sick people. Thus, you need to make the feel at ease. If you’re walking around all nervous and worried, this is likely to panic the patients. It’s also going to make the doctors and other nurses unsure whether they can trust you.

  1. Determination

One of the most important qualities every nurse should have is determination. You’re going to be in a high-intensity job where there’s potential for a lot to go wrong. It’s important that you don’t beat yourself up too much if you can’t do something or you make a mistake. You need the determination to pick yourself up and try again. The nature of the job means you’re already going to be under a lot of pressure. If you let yourself get demoralised and dragged down you might become overwhelmed by the job. Make sure you keep determined and try to better yourself each day.

  1. Professionalism

When you go into work every day you need to make sure you’re professional at all times. This means anything from your attitude and approach to the clothes you wear. You’ve got to remember that you’re going to be working in a hospital or surgery. So you need to dress for the part. It’s important to treat your patients and colleagues with professional respect in the workplace. This means you need to watch your language and the things you say. Being professional makes you and the hospital come off in a positive way.

  1. Good Work Ethic

A good work ethic is essential in this sort of career. You need to make sure you’re pulling your weight at all times. This is no job for slackers. A hospital operates like a well-oiled machine. But, much like a machine, every part needs to be functional for the machine to run. A hospital is no different. If you’re not doing the work you should be then other areas of the place are going to suffer.

  1. Scrubs

When you start work as a nurse, you’re going to need to make sure you have the right uniform at all times. Nurses wear scrubs around the hospital. These are lightweight, practical and inexpensive. You’re going to need several pairs of scrubs so you can wear some each day. Don’t be afraid to pick different colors, and try to inject some of your personality this way.

  1. Equipment

You’re also going to need plenty of equipment as a nurse. Most of this won’t be personal equipment, but rather equipment stored in the hospital. But it’s equipment you’ll need to know how to use and will be using on a daily basis. The one piece of personal equipment that should never leave your side is your stethoscope. Now, there are several different types of stethoscope available. And you can find out more about them by consulting a nurse’s guide to stethoscopes. Don’t forget that a stethoscope is a vital component in allowing you to do your job. It’s also worth noting that you can customise the colors of your stethoscope to match you scrubs.

  1. Great Working Relationships

As a nurse, you’ve got to ensure that you have positive and strong working relationships. You need to work well together with doctors and other nurses. The hospital should be treated as one big team. To run in an efficient way you’ve got to work together as a team. To do this in the best possible way you need to make sure you get on well with your colleague.

  1. Fantastic Bedside Manner

One of the most important things you can have as a nurse is a great bedside manner. You’re going to be dealing with sick people on a daily basis. Some of them might be confused or frightened. It’s your job to make them feel more calm and at ease. And the best way to do this is through a good bedside manner. You’ve got to be able to converse with them. It’s important to make them feel at ease and answer any questions they might have.

  1. The Right Training

You will need to go through intensive training on your way to becoming a nurse, and with good reason. It’s a stressful and sometimes complex job. Mistakes can cost lives and money. So you need to be sure you know exactly what you’re doing at all times. This is why the training is so vital. It allows you to be able to do your job in the most effective and efficient way possible.

  1. Multitasking

As a nurse, you’re often going to find you have hundreds of things that need to get done all at the same time. For this reason, you need to learn to multitask. Otherwise, you’re going to become swamped, and this can be overwhelming. If you’re not too proficient at multitasking at the moment, you’ve got to work on that. It’ll make your job much easier and could be a life saver.


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  1. Ability to Stay Detached

During your job, you might encounter patients who are sick, some of them might even pass away. Now, of course, you’re going to get affected by this. But you need to try to ensure that you stay detached from your patients as much as possible. This will improve your ability to do your job and will ensure it all doesn’t become too much for you.

  1. Live For the Job

It might sound bad, but as a nurse you kind of have to live for the job. As mentioned earlier, this is a calling. It’s not the sort of career people would do if they didn’t love it. And you have to love it. You’re going to be working cripplingly long hours, and you might even work 7-day weeks. You’ve got to put your social life on hold to be able to do this job. And this is something you need to be prepared for.

So, if you’ve read this far you now know what it takes to be a nurse and how to approach the process. It’s hard work, but it can be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling jobs there is.