Tuesday 11 May 2021
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12 Careers You Should Consider if You Want to Work for Yourself

Want to work for yourself but need a little inspiration? There are a plethora of careers you can look into if you want to be your own boss. Just take a look at the following 12 and see if anything takes your fancy!

eBay Seller

Selling on eBay is fairly simple and you can sell just about anything that you’re interested in. All you need to do is set up a profile and follow the instructions! Build up your feedback so that buyers trust you and you’re on your way to working for yourself.

Jewellery Maker

Making jewellery can be so much, and you’ll be able to promote your pieces by wearing them yourself. All you need to do is practice different techniques and see which you like best. Independent jewellery sellers are often the best!

E-book Writer

Have a lot of knowledge on a certain subject? Why not write an e-book on it? You could even write a story book, but people love books that solve their problems. If you can write a book about a popular subject, such as nail biting, you might make money while you sleep.

Driving Instructor

Teaching people to drive could be a great idea if you’re a good driver. Instructor training should be a breeze to you if you have a passion for driving.

Virtual Assistant

This job is great for stay at home moms, but anybody can try their hand at it. You can sign up to websites that connect you with businesses who need virtual assistants. Offer skills depending on what you’re good at. Want to take messages for a business? Reply to emails? Offer it as a service!


If you can speak multiple languages, you could make a killing as a translator. Again, you can do this online or meet people in person.

Web Designer

Designing websites doesn’t require a degree, but you do need a good knowledge of what makes an attractive, useable site. It’s easy to learn things like this by doing a quick search online and watching tutorials. However, you’ll need practice to become a sought after designer.


If you are passionate about something, be it maths, music, or something else, you could become a tutor. You could tutor people of all ages, either at your home or theirs.

3349979270_1315260035_zimage taken from flickr


Have an eye for spelling and grammar mistakes? Offer your services as a proofreader! You could even offer revisions and suggestions on what to change.

Beauty Therapist

If you enjoy all things beauty, this industry could be perfect for you. You could even open your own salon eventually!

Life Coach

Think you know about life? Then life coaching could be your calling! You could share valuable information with people who need it and guide them in the right direction.

Personal Shopper

If you have an eye for fashion, then you could become a personal shopper for men and women who need new clothes.

Which one of these careers will you try? Let us know!