Tuesday 11 May 2021
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12 Career Paths With Little To No Experience Required

The job market is quite volatile at the moment. It becomes increasingly so when you have little experience and few qualifications. You will no doubt have seen many advertisements offering a king’s ransom for only working part time through your home. Deep down we all know these are too good to be true. So what are some great careers to get into with little to no experience?


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  1. Bill Collector – Communicating over the phone with debtors and offering them advice and suggestions on how to pay their debts back. Obviously at some point there will also be the harsher side to this career which is physically collecting payments and tracking people down.
  2. Delivery Van Driver – You can work using your own transport, or you can get involved with a larger company in your area. A clean driving license and good communication skills are all that are required for most companies.
  3. Security Officer – Being a security officer isn’t just chasing kids around a mall. Check out the security officer job description and responsibilities. If you are a person who likes their own company, this could be the one for you.
  4. Human Resource Assistant – Your responsibilities would include. The inputting, maintaining and updating of colleague data and HR records.
  5. Bartender – I am certain you will understand the basic requirements here, speed, planning and a great head for math as well as  taking large orders. Some heavy lifting will also be required.
  6. Recycling/Refuse Collector – It may surprise you to know that there is usually an extensive waiting list to get into this role. It is physically hard work on your body. In poor weather, it can also be tough but the financial rewards are high.
  7. Funeral Assistant – Admittedly this is probably not a job for everyone, but helping people in their weakest moments can be quite rewarding. Duties include various duties during the actual funeral such as showing people to seats and closing coffins etc
  8. Cable/Satellite TV Installation – Good personal skills and a head for heights will certainly make this one easier. It will be essential to have a driver’s license also.
  9. Estate Agent – Requirements to get into this field vary, but a professional manner and great communication skills will be top of the list, as is access to your own car. Once you have built up a great rapport with your clients, you may even be able to start out on your own.
  10. Bus Driver – Many companies train and pay for you to get your advanced license to enable you to transport passengers. Hours can be a little strange at first, but you get to meet new people every day.
  11. Police Officer – Being a police officer is quite a difficult field. Not only for yourself in terms of learning the law, but also on your family as the shift patterns are quite demanding. It can be a very rewarding job.
  12. Library Assistant – Duties include organising titles and  returning books to the correct shelf. Helping the public find and order titles they require will require good personal skills.