Sunday 20 June 2021
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12 Bizarre Ways To Lose Weight

Time to lose weight

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You might have tried every trick in the book, but you won’t have tried these tricks! It turns out to lose weight you have to think outside of the box for the best results. It doesn’t mean that you can’t continue with conventional methods of shedding the pounds because they obviously work. No, these tricks are for those people who have done everything in their power to try and tone up, and nothing has worked. If that sounds like you read on for more info.

  1.    Eat a Bigger Breakfast

A study by a group known as The Doctors indicates that eating more in the morning is more conducive to losing weight. The study observed two groups of women, one who ate more calories (700) in the morning and one who ate more at night (700). They all ingested the same amount of calories and ate the same foods, but the group who ate a big breakfast lost 18 pounds, more than twice of the opposite group.

  1.    Jog for Junk

The house never seems to stay clean and it is annoying. Well, turn that into an advantage and start jogging for junk mail or dancing while you are vacuuming. If you expel extra energy while doing the household chores, you can burn up to 100 calories a session.

  1.    Strategic Mirrors

Watching yourself eat is not something we all enjoy. According to one study, people who could see themselves as they eat dinner consumed nearly one third less than normal. Maybe you can’t resist having a sneaky look, or maybe your reflection reminds you of all the goals you have set yourself. Whatever the psychology, it seems to work wonders.

  1.    Bulk up your Food

And I am not just talking about eating more. It is possible to eat less but still feel as full as if you had eaten a three-course meal. For example, you can use a thickening agent in food that will have the desired effect. Or, all you need is to prepare meals that are high in fibre to feel fuller for longer.

  1.    Unwrap Sweets

If you have a sweet tooth that is hard to contain, choose sweets that have a wrapper. A Swiss study found that thirty percent of people ate less junk food when they had to unwrap it, than if they could just pop it in their mouths.

  1.    Decorate in Blue

Blue suppresses the appetite. Apparently, the bluish light that reflects on the food makes it look less appealing, so people do not eat as much. Use blue plates and a blue tablecloth to exploit this bizarre technique.

  1.    Eat Slowly

If you are hungry, there is a tendency to wolf down your food. But, the slower you eat, the less hungry you will feel. It takes time for the brain and the stomach to realise you are full, so by eating slower you allow the sense to get on the same page.

  1.    Use your Sense of Smell

A study by Dr. Alan Hirsch shows that people who smell food before they eat it lose more weight. The control group lost around 30 pounds each because they felt less hungry as a result of smelling their food. One ideas is that the smell tricks the brain into thinking you are actually eating.

  1.   Tie a Ribbon around your Waist

Attach it underneath your clothes and you will be able to tell when you are bloated or when you have eaten too much. The ribbon expands and gets tighter the bigger your belly gets!

  1.   Take a Picture

Images of your food is more likely you think, what am I doing?! The brain works better with images and can help curb temptation and your appetite.

  1.   Light Scented Candles

A vanilla scented candle helps suppress the desire for desert. Again, the smell is the key ingredient.

  1.   Turn up the Lights

Restaurants don’t keep the lights low for the atmosphere. Low lighting lowers your inhibitions to eat, so turn them up full whack.

Stop flogging yourself on the treadmill already and give these tricks a go. What’s the worst that could happen?!