Tuesday 11 May 2021
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12 Awesome Last Minute Gifts For Your Man

If you are having a full on panic about gift buying right now, then read on. We have the ultimate list of great gift ideas you can pick up quickly and easily from the high street or online with fast delivery. Sometimes it only takes a little inspiration to work out what you could get for the man in your life, and we have that in abundance. So, here goes:

  1. T-Shirt – All guys wear them, either on their own or under a shirt. Pick his favorite TV show, and then visit one of the Tee stores online.
  2. Watch – Men love their watches, and it doesn’t have to be an expensive one. For the man who cares about style, check in with one of the designer stores online or at an outlet center.
  3. Booze – There is a wide choice at your local supermarket, or try some specialist brews and bottles online. Beers, bitters, wine, whiskey, and vodka are all popular choices.
  4. Special Edition Blu-Rays – Even if your fella has the film already, if it’s a special edition he will love it. Pick a film and find that box set in the high street or online.
  5. Gift vouchers – The easiest way to shop is to get a gift voucher for a store he frequents. That way he gets to pick something he really wants. Some supermarkets have a rack of the most popular gift cards to choose from.
  6. Gadgets and gizmos – Guys just love their gadgets and gizmos. From drones to Bluetooth fitness wrist straps, your man will be delighted. Check out your local Christmas store or online.
  7. Car driving experience – If your man is licensed to drive, then an experience driving something awesome round a race track will be just the ticket to put a huge smile on his face. Find one online at a number of experience gift websites.
  8. iPad or KindleFire – Yes, the latest iPad or Kindle will undoubtedly keep him quiet for hours and hours as he piles hundreds of gaming apps on to it! Try Apple stores in the city or Amazon online.
  9. Remote control car – or hovercraft, or truck, or train, or plane, or whatever tickles his fancy. If it’s small and has buttons to press, guys are generally impressed. Supermarkets and gadget stores are your best bet for a quick purchase.


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  1. Candy – some guys can’t get enough of the stuff, but if your guy is on a health kick, then try some confectionery fruits like nut-stuffed dates. Great when you are on a budget. Health food shops in town or even the supermarket.
  2. Cinema tickets – Nip down to your local movie hall and see if they can whip you up a couple of open tickets. That way your man can pick the movie, and the best date to see it.
  3. Comedy club tickets – Some of the big brands in comedy are offering tickets as gifts. Make his night out hilarious with a couple of tickets. Find your local club online, or nip in for a chat.