Wednesday 21 April 2021
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Work And Parenthood: How To Strike A Balance

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More and more families are balancing work and childcare. It’s a very difficult balance to achieve and can be very stressful. Even if one parent is staying at home with the baby, it can be tough on the other. There is no perfect solution, you need to find the balance that works for you. Every family is different and no schedule is quite the same.

Always remember that family comes first. It is necessary to work but make sure you find time for your children, your partner, and yourself! Bringing up a child is one of the hardest things in the world. There are just not enough hours in the day. That means you have use every hour wisely. Here are some tips on getting the balance right.

Try not to feel too guilty

If you’re a new parent, you’ll want to spend every waking minute with your child. Probably every sleeping minute too. However, accepting that it’s not possible or feasible is the first step to forming a plan. You will feel guilty when you’re stuck at work and your child is at home. For many it will be heartbreaking. Try not to feel guilty. Think of the bigger picture, think of the future. Progressing your career means that you can provide the best possible start for your children. As long as you are making time for them, you’re doing the right thing.

Plan and organise

Calendars and to-do lists are your new bible. Live by them! Organise everything in the evenings. All you’ll want to do is sit down with a glass of wine, but fight it off just a little longer. Before you do, make the packed lunches, write a to-do list and divide up tasks for the next day. An organised morning is the key to happiness!

Teach your children a little independence

Not too much! Just teach them a few tasks around the house. Teach them to clean up after themselves, do the dishes and hoover. Basic housekeeping and cleanliness is a good practice to instil in your children and it’ll take some of the pressure off you.

Consider hiring help

If it does all get on top of you, consider bringing in some help. You can get a housekeeper in London from SupaCare to take care of the cleaning and ironing. Eliminate all the mundane things and you’ll free up time to spend with your children. You could also consider a nanny to really help develop your child’s learning. You’ll feel better knowing they have someone you trust with them all day.

Weekends are for the family

If you’ve been out at work all week, make sure the weekends are dedicated to the family. Turn your phone off and ignore emails. Don’t be distracted from your children and partner. You’ll regret it. Be sure to find some time to yourself as well. Try and set a date night with your partner or just have a quiet evening alone to recharge.

It’s a difficult balance to get right but it can be done. It’ll will wear you out, but it’s worth every second to watch your children grow up. With the right balance you’ll help provide them with a wonderful future and spend the right amount of time helping them grow up.