Wednesday 21 April 2021
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Top 12 Jobs For Monday Morning Satisfaction

If you are reading this all blurry eyed on a Monday morning at work, wishing you were anywhere else, then it may be time to change your job. Not all of us are happy to turn up to a place that makes us miserable for long. Sometimes, you need to cut your losses, and find something else before you quit in temper or get fired! If you are finding it harder and harder to get up in the mornings, now could be the time to try something else. We give you the top 12 most rewarding jobs, and no, we are not talking about money!

  1. Veterinarian – Vets working with pets report they have never been happier in their jobs. Over the years, moods have fluctuated, but right now things seem to be good for these guys. New technologies and advances in medicines mean our furry friends are living longer, and Vets are doing more to save lives than ever before.
  2. CNA – A Certified Nursing Assistant is the true hero of health care. They are the ones cleaning up the messes and helping the patients with day to day living. CNAs are the friendly faces patients see working hard to make life as pleasant as possible for them. Check out to find out how to become one.
  3. Programmer – Anyone and everyone are doing this now! You can find some sites that will let you get started with building apps online. You can also find some free introductory courses into programming. Schools all over the country are now including some tuition in this highly useful skill as well.
  4. Musician – If you can play extraordinarily well, there are jobs out there. If you play, you probably love it, so the pay won’t matter. Fortunately, pay can be very good. Check out Mozart In The Jungle for a fictional insight on professional orchestra musicians.
  5. Builder – Some people just have to work with their hands. They need to build and to create. Seeing that finished job at the end of the week gives enormous satisfaction. After a dip during the recession, builders are back to being busy and earning good money too.
  6. Physical Therapist – The satisfaction is in the results, but there can be frustration when patients don’t do their prescribed exercises. If you are good at motivating people, this could be for you.
  7. Physical Trainer – Great fun for those who love devising physical activities and circuits. Good money for those with the right clientele.
  8. Chocolatier – Who wouldn’t love being around the sights, smells and tastes of chocolate all day?
  9. Holiday resort entertainer – Yes, it really is as much fun as it looks! Those smiles on those young faces are genuine. Some opportunity for advancement, but usually these jobs last just a few years.
  10. Mechanic – People will always need one, so you are never likely to struggle to find work. Those that work with classic cars report most job satisfaction.


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  1. Artist – Anyone who works in the arts loves what they do, but few make a living out of it.
  2. Private instrumental teacher – Another one borne from passion, but difficult to make a living from.