Saturday 17 April 2021
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How To Find Out If She’s Cheating On You

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Everyone gets suspicious when they’re in a relationship. No matter how confident you are in your loved one’s affections, there can always be a nagging feeling that there’s something they aren’t telling you. It could be as innocent as an untold story of an ex or a simple fib about their number of previous partners. But it could be something more serious, leading you to believe that your new hubby is cheating on you.

In any case, situations like these can be tricky. There’s no right way of broaching the question, and beginning to play detective can sometimes infuriate your partner. To help you in your time of need, we’ve assembled this quick-start checklist of the telltale signs that your partner is having a  bit on the side.

Here you go:

Check the phone

Making the leap to reading emails and checking text messages is a big move. But with simple devices like area code cell phone name finder software, technology will do a lot of the work for you.

The most important thing here is to not fly off the hook to early. Information is power, and you should gather plenty of it before confronting your partner. A shared phone is a great way of gathering such information, as it will frequently be used for private conversations, but checking its history is not a violation of trust.

Ask your friends

The best way to tell if you’re being paranoid or not is to ask your friends. If you have one or two loyal mates who you can rely on to tell you the truth, then they’re your best bet. Chances are that if they know you they know your partner too, so ask them if they’ve noticed anything strange in their behaviour.

The best thing about having a friend like this to rely on is that you don’t have to be tactful. If you can trust them to keep your worries private, then you can be completely honest and get it all off your chest. Even if it turns out your partner isn’t cheating, letting it all out can be a great relief.

Common Sense

Situations like this can be incredibly emotional, so it’s important to keep a clear head. Even if you are investigating the matter, it’s best never to let your anger or disappointment get the best of you. If you do then your partner has the upper hand, and they can easily hide whatever they want from you.

Common sense in all matters is the most surefire way of staying one step ahead in the dating game. If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs, then you’ll be far more likely to catch your darling out when she least expects it.

So there you have it. No one likes accusing anyone else of cheating, but sometimes confrontation and forced honesty can be the best thing for a relationship. With these three tips, you’ll be sure to go about it the right way.