Saturday 17 April 2021
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How To Bring Your Office Walls To Life

An office can be a pretty bleak place at the best of times, and there is really nothing worse than staring at a blank wall all day when you’re trying to find motivation. Yes, you may be sitting in your office to do some hard work, but it doesn’t mean your surroundings have to suffer because of it. Wall features are a great starting point to energising an office, and below you’ll find some handy hints as to how you can really bring your office walls to life.

The Bookcase

Both practical and visually appealing, a large bookcase is perfect if you want to bring new life to your office walls. Furniture retailers like Super Amart have plenty of design ideas to help you assess what will work best for your particular space. Firstly, look at how much space you actually have as bookshelves can vary enormously in size. Once you’ve decided what you want, don’t be shy about filling it, and mix work documents in with personal touches such as collectables and photos.

Arty Flair

Think about what inspires you or what really helps you focus and maintain energy levels during work hours. Is it a great movie or book, or how about your next travel adventure? Maybe it’s just a burst of bright colour or a beautiful landscape. Utilise these motivations and bring in old movie posters, bright artworks, world maps, or landscape photographs. Hang it somewhere easy to see, and use these images, pictures or artworks to re-focus your mind when it gets too busy.

Pin Ups

In an office you always need easy access to note-taking facilities, whether it’s a simple notepad or a pile of sticky-notes. This is the perfect opportunity to exploit in terms of livening up your office walls. Adding a large black board or pin board to one of your office walls can be a great point of difference and not quite as bland as a plain old white board. A pin board is great for attaching blank pages for future notes, as well as the ideal spot to pin some interesting articles or images. Need words of inspiration? Write down your favourite quotes on a blackboard and try changing them every day.

Colourful Conclusion

What better way to bring life to your office walls than by introducing it to a variety of new colours, textures and patterns. Choose one wall, preferably the one that is unobstructed the most, and select a bold, solid colour to paint it. Contrast it with a large picture or some simple shelving. If you’re feeling brave and would like to try something a little more unique, experiment with some textured interior cladding or patterned wall paper. Don’t go overboard though – the room shouldn’t overwhelm and stress the senses more than your work already does.

Your office space is filled with important items you need easy access to for your job, meaning there is not a lot of space left over for the personal touches. This is why wall space is great to use and can go a long way to helping you feel more at ease in the often stressful space of work.

What is currently covering your office walls? How can you change this to better reflect your personality? Leave your answers below.

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