Saturday 17 April 2021
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How to Beat the Stress of Spending

Stress can come from lots of things in life. It’s widely acknowledged that money tends to be the leading cause – especially when we have to spend it! Just having to hand over cash to pay for an unwanted expense makes your head want to explode. Utility bills, mortgage payments and fuel for the car are the big spends we hate most. This is probably because they are the biggest bills we regularly have to pay, and they just keep getting more expensive.

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The stress we experience is particularly unpleasant when we have to pay more for something than we feel it is worth. Fuel bills definitely fall into that category! It seems we are living in an age where the costs go up regularly. We often gripe about the cost of grocery essentials like bread, kids toys, holidays, and console games. There are ways to cut back the expense on all of these. Buying a cheaper brand, picking a less exotic holiday destination, and simply saying no to the kids can help. However, saying no to the kids can bring its own stress!

There is one purchase that might only cost a few dollars, but brings with it the biggest stress. Birthdays, anniversaries and valentines can leave us sleepless, grey and full of despair. When we are sent a bill from the utility company we know exactly what we are paying for and that we really want the electricity supply. Buying a gift for someone else is not nearly as simple!

We all have to do it, but buying gifts for her is often the most unpleasant and least satisfying purchase we make. We know what she likes and what she doesn’t like. We know what we have bought her before (where are those earrings anyway?), and we know that churning stomach feeling as she opens the gift box before pulling THAT face. Why do we keep doing it to ourselves? Why do we put so much effort into finding the perfect gift just to fail every time?

Buying chocolate for her may be the answer. You probably tried it before. She may have complained you are making her fat. She may have commented how cheap they were. She may have suggested you were trying to give her diabetes. But she ate them, right? And she probably had a smile on her face too.

The trick here is to pick the right chocolates. A cellophane wrapped box from the supermarket probably won’t cut it too often.There are ‘healthier’ choices of chocs out there. Some feature sugar alternatives that cut calories and offer zero sugar intake. Take your time to find the right brand for her. Something that is a little rarer and more exclusive will make her feel she is unique and special to you.

Finally, think about the wrapping. Some higher-end chocolatiers will provide you a gift box with ribbon, adding that special touch for a big event. The chocolates themselves should be carefully presented, and even individually wrapped for a more glamorous occasion.