Saturday 17 April 2021
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4 ways you can revive the home on a budget


You see the interior of your home every day, so you should make sure that it looks close to exceptional. Interior design has a reputation for being an expensive luxury that few people can really afford, but being on a tight budget should not prevent you giving your favorite rooms a professional-looking makeover.

Adding more life into a room makes it a more fun place to spend time. Our homes really should be the best place that we can imagine. If you find that whenever you visit a nice café, restaurant or friend’s house you are always remarking at how beautiful the décor looks, this is a sign that you should get to work on making your own home a more welcoming place to be.

Here we discuss some budget-friendly tips that will breathe new life into an interior scheme.

A splash of paint

It is amazing what impact you can make just by adding some extra color to your walls. Many homes have very plain walls, usually with a shade of paint somewhere between matte white and the common magnolia. While these paints provide a blank canvas on which to work, neither makes a statement of their own.

The most striking way to use paint is to pick some bold colors to make a feature of a single wall. Try deep red, dark blue or vibrant orange. These colors help to draw the eye and can be effectively used to highlight a special picture or photo. If you have just one piece of art, place it in the center of a wall that is painted a different color to the rest of the room. This creates a striking feature that will become a talking point.

More color

Adding a few small colorful aspects around the room can also liven it up. Maybe a new pair of curtains, a vibrant rug or some new cushions that contrast the chairs well. A large lampshade and some wall art can also go a long way to creating a new look.

Add some period style

Following the television success of Downton Abbey, many people are seeking ways to revive some of the period styles in their own homes. If you can find a piece of period furniture, then make this a centerpiece in the room. Use the trick of painting a single wall a different color to perfectly complement this piece.

Decorate your windows

Your windows can be a very important focal point in the room. They are where the light enters and are also the most visible part from the outside. If you wish to make a really bold statement, rather than put up curtains, why not install some stylish wooden window shutters?

Window shutters that are installed on the inside of the home can be painted in any color and make a striking impact on a room. They also allow more light into your room; unlike curtains, a good shutter can be opened to reveal the window in full.

There are many ways to add a personal touch to your home; just be brave and follow your own instincts, and avoid falling into the trap of following the latest fashion.