Saturday 17 April 2021
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Five Tips for Added Home Security


A person’s home is their castle, but is your castle guarded as diligently as Buckingham Palace? Well, the good news is that you don’t need your own set of troops stationed outside to make your home safe and secure. Just follow some of the tips below to increase your home’s security.

1. Just Because You Can’t Reach It Doesn’t Mean They Can’t

That window the size of an A4 piece of paper on the third floor of your home, hanging out over a ledge, may look impenetrable from where you stand. But, if it opens, someone somewhere will be able to find a way in. The only way to be totally sure of your home’s security is to make sure every window is secured. For examples of different window security options, visit experts like Stylewise Security online and view some of the many options available to you; click here to see their range of SupaScreen doors – fine examples of how you can protect your home without sacrificing its good looks.

2. Just Because It Looks Secure Doesn’t Mean It Is Secure

You may have a very convincing-looking security-style door in front of your regular door, but looking convincing isn’t enough. Intruders aren’t known for their timid nature; they will test it. So don’t skimp on a proper security door just because you think a cheap or fake version will trick people. You may only be fooling yourself.

3. Light up the Night

Outside sensor lamps are a wonderful invention. Not only do they make it easier for you to walk across your backyard, but they also make it harder for others to do the same! You are able to adjust the sensitivity so it doesn’t pick up every bird that flies by and it won’t rack up the electricity bill as they are off more than they are on. Make sure you angle them downwards so they don’t disturb your neighbours and your backyard (and front yard) will be set to go.

4. Invest in the Extra Things

A few additional well-placed deadlocks and bolts can make all the difference in home security. Hinged patio doors can be made that much more secure with some patio bolts without making your home look like Fort Knox, as can a deadlock on sliding doors. Additional security measures are also additional deterrents, so invest wisely and make your home significantly more secure.

5. Don’t Do It Yourself

Unless you install home security for a living, just don’t. It may be slightly cheaper, but it won’t be easier, it won’t be quicker, and it certainly won’t be as secure. You also won’t be able to cast a professional eye over the rest of your place. Getting a professional in gives you the opportunity to see what you may have overlooked. They can suggest alternatives and common sense strategies that may not have crossed your mind.

Home security is as much a logical process as it is an exercise in being pedantic. If you’re diligent, your home will stay safe and secure, and you will sleep easy. Most importantly, seek help if you aren’t sure where to start or what to do next. Share your tips below to help make someone else’s home more secure.