Saturday 17 April 2021
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Expecting Visitors? 3 Easy Cook Meals To Satisfy

bangersandmashIf you’re expecting visitors and you want to keep things simple but scrumptious, here are three all-time crowd pleasers you simply can’t go past. Even better, these are all BBQ meals, so cooking is easy and the clean-up is even easier! This article gives you three easy cook meals that will really satisfy. For more great recipes, check out BBQs Galore for some inspirational meal ideas.

1. Bangers and mash

There are some meals that never go out of fashion and are always comforting. Surely, the humble old snag and mashed potato has to be one of them? You can keep it simple if you like or jazz things up a bit by adding a gorgeous gravy (ready-made or homemade), loads of grilled onions, grilled tomato and steamed greens (like brocollini and beans). You can stick with old school sauces like tomato or go for a gourmet BBQ such as bourbon infused sauce, spicy plum sauce, chilli and wild lime!

Fish in foil

If you’re stretched for time and want to feed the troops quickly and easily, grab yourself a whole fish (or fillets), some aluminium foil and simply add some extras such as:

  • Soy sauce, honey (or brown sugar), fresh ginger and garlic for a Chinese style dish
  • Coconut cream and a few teaspoons of your favourite curry paste (such as red or green curry). If you do go with Thai, add some lemongrass in for good measure
  • Sun-dried tomatoes and capsicum, fresh garlic, fresh tomatoes and a splash of your favourite olive oil for a Mediterranean-inspired dish
  • The classic French style done with butter, slices of lemon and herbs to suit the fish you’ve chosen – you typically can’t go wrong with herbs such as dill and parsley when you’re cooking fish

If you want to take it up a level of sophistication, stuff and truss (tie-up) your whole fish with gorgeous aromatics like ginger, garlic, sweet basil and lemongrass. It sounds complicated, but it is really easy. Cooking a whole fish means leaving the bones in which enhance the flavour. Just make sure your guests are aware of the bones and that they need to pick them out. It’s a good idea to have some soft white bread on hand as this is the best way to dislodge little bones if they get stuck in your throat!

Lamb chops

Chops are small and cook super fast (typically 5 to 6 minutes, depending on thickness). The bone adds to the flavour and they’re an ideal finger food, which hopefully means less washing up! If you’re throwing a party and will be feeding guests while they’re standing, chops are an excellent choice.

There are three tips to cooking lip-smackingly good chops:

  • Don’t overcook them whatever you do! They should be nice and pink in the middle, which means the juices will still be present – adding loads of flavour.
  • Rest the meat. If you’re patient and can wait before tucking into these little beauties, this is generally half of your cooking time.
  • Chops love seasoning and herbs! Lightly cover the chops with a good quality olive oil first and then lovingly (Jamie Oliver style) rub herbs like rosemary and mint, into the meat. Alternatively, add spices if you’re game (such as Cajun, chilli, Moroccan or Indian spice blends) and make sure you throw in a bit of salt and pepper for good measure.

If your mouth isn’t watering already, you need to see a doctor! BBQ meals are quick and easy and always please.